My blood screams for revenge!

Mask styles

Here we’re, locked up in our own homes, keeping the government rules and guidelines of social distancing, carrying a mask, my business closed and now bankrupt, my 55 people, who worked for me for years are now all jobless. And that’s what people see, but there is much more going on behind the closed doors of the locked up people: drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues, domestic violence and suicides, and very soon a massive wave of homelessness. For what?

Corona beer
Corona beer

Who did this to me? Stop! I’m not alone here, so who did this to my family, my community, my city and my country? Who’s responsible for this mess? My community is suffering, dying, in pain and in oppression, lost our freedom!

  • Is it because of the coronavirus? No.
  • From my government. Yes.

My government created (or copied from other countries) a set of rules, which reduces the contact with other people, so that the coronavirus doesn’t continue to grow. They want to do this until “the curve flattens”, whatever that actually means. Knowing how ignorant they are, from where do they get that advice? From advisers.

  • So, from my government? No, they are to stupid to come up with such scheme
  • So the advisers? Looks like it. But the governments have their own part to receive the blame

That’s my target, I think.

So, who are those advisers? The scientists. And how do they know? From their computerized, statistical models based on mathematical algorithms.

That’s right. Statistical models. The same as those, which predict the weather … and are regular wrong. The same as the ones predicting hurricanes, and almost always wrong, the climate disasters, which are always wrong, predicting cities and countries under water, never happened, intensive global warming, the opposite is happening, and the list goes on and on. And now it looks like they have another failure in their catalog.

Those imbeciles are using their faulty toys, which they – with fancy words – call statistical models based on mathematical algorithms. Yep. And made by scientists. Like that must say something, unless they want to feel the wrath.

So, who to blame?

  • China, from where the virus came from? Yes, get their money and make them broke.
  • Our governments? Yes, vote them out or kick them out of office; if needed, sue them for incompetence if anyone can.
  • The scientists? Yes, let them do their thing and don’t allow them to interfere with social life in the form of any publication.

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