Corona vs Influenza vs Pneumonia! Who ‘wins’?

All that fuzz about the coronavirus, what about influenza and pneumonia? Pneumonia causes so much more death corona! And hardly it’s mentioned this in the media, neither the so called scientific community. Nobody shuts down the economy because of pneumonia, nobody forces us the keep the social distance, no massive initiative to produce a vaccine, even after 2.5 million death per year because of pneumonia! Or if you want to compare it with corona for three months, corona causes 112,897 death and pneumonia causes about 640,000 death in the same period! and what about influenza? Each year there are 35.5 million people infected and 56,000 people die because of influenza! Not a word about it, all of the media are screaming about corona, how bad the governments are handling it, how terrible to die, how terrible to shutdown the economy, and the madness continues like this.

Influenza started in 1580 in Russia and from there went through Europe. Only in Rome those times the influenza caused 8,000 people to die, in Spain it depopulated several cities. The worst case of the influenza was the Spanish flu, which caused havoc throughout Europe after Word War I in 1918 and 1920 and infected 500 million people. Influenza really never did go away and mutated into several other forms of influenza. The last three pandemics (from the same group of influenza’s) origin from China.

Pneumonia started (was discovered) in the early 1930’s. In those times, scientists thought that the pneumonia came from a virus or fungus, but later it was confirmed it came from bacteria.

Coronavirus is a new strain that was discovered in 2019 and has not been previously identified in humans and “… is a cluster of viral pneumonia”. The virus is still to new to to define a definition. The virus outbreak began at Wuhan, China.

For your information, the difference between a virus and bacteria is as follows:

  • Bacteria are single-celled, living organisms.
    • They have a cell wall and all the components necessary to survive and reproduce, although some may derive energy from other sources.
    • Less than 1% of bacteria cause disease.
  • Viruses are not considered to be “living” because they require a host cell to survive long-term, for energy, and to reproduce.
    • Viruses consist of only one piece of genetic material and a protein shell called a capsid (mind). They survive and reproduce by “hijacking” a host cell, and using its ribosomes (Ribosomes are a cell structure that makes protein.) to make new viral proteins.

Comparing the corona, influenza and pneumonia, I hope that you agree with the conclusion that influenza and pneumonia infects so many more people then corona and that there are so many more people are dying because of the pneumonia.

Also that influenza and pneumonia are still infecting millions of people everywhere in the world since many years, and corona is a new occurrence.

But can you tell me why such a fuzz about the coronavirus? Why to shutdown the world economies and many cases forcefully isolate the people in their homes?

If the authorities think that this is (suddenly) necessary, why don’t we do this also with the much worse pneumonia?

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