Daily winners and losers of the corona fight

Yesterday numbers didn’t look promising for an early opening of the economy for some countries like the United States, but there are some countries, which are performing excellent, and of course the opposite. The biggest winners are Brazil, Iceland and Canada. The biggest losers are the US, Indonesia and Egypt. From the 50 monitored countries, eleven countries didn’t change rank, ten countries improved their rank and the rest sank in rank.

All the data and the analysis can be found in this spreadsheet:

Best performing countries

Here follows the table with the countries, which perform the best in this system of ranks.

1Korea (S)Gained +1
2ChinaGained -1
3AustraliaGained 0
4Hong KongGained 0
5SwitzerlandGained 0
6AustriaGained 0
7TaiwanGained 0
8GermanyGained 0
9IranGained 0
10MalaysiaGained +6
11LuxembourgGained -1
12IndiaGained 0
13SingaporeGained -2
14DenmarkGained -1
15ItalyGained -1
16SpainGained -1
17FinlandGained +5
18IsraelGained 0
19IrelandGained -2
20CzechiaGained 0
21BelgiumGained -2
22FranceGained -1
23NorwayGained 0
25PhilippinesGained +1
26AlgeriaGained +2
27BrazilGained +19
28IcelandGained +19
29PanamaGained -2
30CanadaGained +18
31JapanGained -2
32PortugalGained -2
33ArgentinaGained -2
34TurkeyGained -2
35UKGained -2
36UkraineGained -2
37GreeceGained -2
38EcuadorGained +1
39RussiaGained -3
40PeruGained -3
41Dominican RepublicGained -2
42ColombiaGained -4
44PakistanGained -1
45PolandGained -1
46MexicoGained -1
47USGained -27
48EgyptGained -6
49SwedenGained +1
50IndonesiaGained -10

The ranks are calculated by various factors:

  1. Position after the peak. How more days after the peak, how more points.
  2. The percentage of the calculated finish of the pandemic.
  3. The finishing date
  4. Number of people recovered (cured)
  5. In what phase (I or II)
  6. How many tests are performed

The above list is compared with the list of the day before in order to calculate the change in rank.

The US is in corona trouble

Disaster has fallen on the United States with the newest peak in newly infected people. The last peak occurred at the 4th of April 2020. The newest peak occurred at 24th of April 2020. It means that the recovery time for the US is canceled and we’re back in infection time. Not good news for the planned recovery.

Two remarks for the US in this stage:

  1. The numbers are jumping all over the place, but the peaks are not close together
  2. And where we have a peak, we’ll have a peak in deaths 8-12 days after 24th of April.

Indonesia in corona trouble

The previous peak in Indonesia’s newest infections was at April 17th, 2020. But at the April 24th the new peak appeared.

As you might see in the above chart, also Indonesia we see not a stable decrease of infections.

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