Pay the price for the corona fiasco

Black Swan event

Now that the pandemic is burning out, the media is going to pay the price with a huge backlash, but they are not the only ones. The politicians are going to pay that price too, as well as the environmentalists, against crazy regulations, against almost anything digital, against the so called experts and finally against the academia aka mad-scientists. And then we have China …

The pandemic is not the black swan event, but the ‘treatment’ of the pandemic definitely is, fed and caused by the media, politicians, environmentalists, experts, China, academia and many scientific organizations.

The frustration of the populations

A bubbling frustration right under the thin surface of the populations is starting to smoke. Social distancing is a good measure to protect the people in the world and helps to protect elderly and everyone else vulnerable against the coronavirus. But the governments, after consultation from the experts and scientists, went too far, separating everyone from everyone else, all in the name of “flattening the curve” to preserve hospital capacity.

But the social distancing became the new norm to the point that people were encouraged to believe silly things like that standing too close to anyone will magically cause corona to appear. The social distancing became the subject of nightmares, replacing the coronavirus in their sweating dreams. And be aware, the backlash will come very soon in the form of bars and dance floors packed, and probably a new baby boom popping up and the hell with the social distancing and the authorities! Not for nothing you see full-scale battles of French young people against the police

And then we have the most crazy and political tainted regulations. What a joke! So many regulations were/are in existence, which slowed and even stopped (partially) the fight against the pandemic. Centers for Disease Control had previously nationalized all disease testing, which means another government bureaucracy like any other and acting like a snail on a super-highway. President Trump even stopped 350 regulations for Tax Reform.

Government has wrecked sanitation by ruining our appliances in the name of conservation. And now we suddenly discover that we care about cleanliness and getting rid of germs: nice discovery! Implementing this is going to require that we upend the restrictions, pull out the flow stoppers, permission new and functioning toilets, turn up our water heaters, fix the detergents and so on. We played fast and loose with germs and now we regret it. 

So yes, plastic bags are back, and the disease-carrying reusables are gone, but that’s just the beginning. Recycling mandates will go away. Hand dryers in bathrooms will be rethought. Bring back single-use items and universalize them! We will care again about the quality of life as a first priority. As for nature and nature’s germs, away with it!

And then we have the anti-work measures, cooked-up by our – oh so wise – governments, which causes loneliness, suicide, family dramas, fights, family violence, failure to dress up like a civilized human being. The majority misses the the workplace. They want to be back, be on a schedule, see friends again, experience the joy of collaboration, share jokes.

It was only recently that everyone seemed to be complaining about the workplace. There were endless squabbles about pay, pay equity, race, #metoo, executive compensation, family leave policies, and you name it. No one seemed happy.

Destructive vicious media

In March, the media covered the pandemic as the second coming of the Black Death, demanding a stop of the economy and society. They demanded closing schools and businesses but actually calling for a complete totalitarian policy. They went even so far that they purposely falsified dates, facts and reports to force-feed the population with their lies and manipulations. In fact, they have already started with an admission that the virus was already widespread in the months before the lockdown (which suggests that most everything else the paper has written since March has been wrong). But it will be too late.

The media were pushing with everything they have to the need for lockdown forever and on the claim that this virus is universally lethal for everyone. You can read in various spots alternative opinions from experts (here here here here here here here plus a thousand others plus videos with serious voices). People glued to their TV have almost no clue about any basics, such as how long the virus has been here, how gigantic is the denominator that makes up the fatality ratio, how many people have zero symptoms so that it’s not even an annoyance, the true demographic makeup of the victim population, and the unlikelihood that many of these deaths would have been preventable through any policy.

Watching this disgusting parade of media-driven ignorance, genuine experts or even people passingly curious about data, have become demoralized. Surely many people have already stopped listening to the news completely because it is nothing but a distraction from the reality on the ground. 

And you know why?

An obvious answer seems almost too simple: the media wants people at home staring at the television. It’s cynical, but there you are.

This can’t continue like it is, There must be backlash. And it’s very much needed!

The politicians

The governments, prime-ministers, presidents, kings, queens, governors and mayors who imposed the lockdowns never asked their citizens about their views about instantly getting rid of all rights and freedoms. They didn’t consult legislatures. They didn’t consult a range of expert opinion or pay attention to any serious demographic data that showed how utterly preposterous it was to force non-vulnerable populations into house arrest while trapping vulnerable populations in nursing homes that became coronavirus-soaked killing fields.

They didn’t care about shattering business confidence, violating contractual rights, wrecking tens of millions of lives, prohibiting freedom in association, tanking the stock market, blowing all budgets, shutting down international travel, and even closing the churches. Every government executive except a few became a tin-pot dictator.

From announcing of threats on live TV, testing failures to policy failures to recklessly extravagant fiscal and monetary policies to straight up brutalism in its shutdown antics, the reputation of government in general will not fare well. When the dust settles on this, a whole generation of leaders could be wiped out, provided we return to democratic forms of government.

Politicians acted rashly for fear of their political futures. They will find that they made the wrong choice.

Colleges and universities will not survive this

That’s right. From enormously expensive or better over-bloated education systems, universities, specialized education systems, campuses and a huge administrative apparatus the world went to some zoom-calls between professors and students. Surely many colleges and universities will not survive this. If I would pay a $100,000 per year for an university education for my child, I would demand that money back; I would agree that they can keep $5 for the trouble.

The absurdity of governments telling the students to follow education from their home with their computers, while they don’t have enough computers in the family for each child. And not to mention the lack of any supportive educational software for the teachers and the fact that the parents are absolutely driven mad by the craziness and noise.

And then we have the other problem about the marketability of degrees in a world in which whole industries can be shut down in an instant. The academical and college degrees were supposed to give security; the lockdowns took it all away.


Suffering. Ha, ha! The chicken comes home to roost, meaning that those in the wrong will suffer.

With all the frustration and anxiousness, there will be a boiling point popping up and there is a serious need to point fingers to the perpetrators of this tragic black swan event. The biggest perpetrators of all this mess – the one from where it all started – is China.

And the rest will follow.

Welcome in the post-corona world, this event will go for sure in the history book. Hopefully those disastrous ‘actors’ will receive their due punishment. Justice must be served … if not, well …

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