Worldwide Corona fiasco

Corona and the lies

It’s a different thing when you look at the corona pandemic based on the continents. How more the governments try to fight to pandemic, how more death, infections and suppression they accomplish. The same with the closures of the economies, how more they restrict the people in those economies, how higher the infections, death and suppression. This article goes into those differences between those continents.

Corona Status Details per continent, April 28, 2020
Corona Status Details per continents, April 28, 2020

Above you see an image about the statistics of the corona pandemic. This is a moment in time (April 28, 2020), and it shows a shocking picture, maybe even unexpected picture. To put everything more in perspective, I added the following:

At the most right columns I added two columns: Population and the part (%) of the world population.

Look at the continent Africa, it has 1.2 billion people living there and it contains 16% of the world population … but it carries 1.11% of all coronavirus cases. What about that?

Let’s look at Europe. In Europe, 741.4 million people live there, about 10% of the world population, and it carries 42.50% of all coronavirus cases.

And before you think that the reason is that those people in Africa are too stupid or primitive to be able to detect an infection or to perform tests, 578,293 tests are performed in Africa. From all tests performed in the world, about 2% happened in Africa. A second point is that there is no mysterious peak in dead people in Africa, or with other words, there is not one single report of huge amount of coughing people suddenly dying OR GETTING SICK in high numbers in Africa.

A very good reason might (very likely) be that the herd immunity is working well in Africa and it’s very likely that there are/were mass infections taken place in that continent. In Europe, they work against the herd immunity, with as result that they fail with 43% in Europe and 36% in North America (that’s 78% of all cases in the world).

The argument of the inability of performing medical treatment on the infected people in Africa also doesn’t go up, because it might be or not, but better, it seems that the coronavirus is burning itself out after a while (without any help of any doctor, nurse, medicine, or UN or WHO or even any form of acknowledgement), leaving behind the majority of the people with immunization against the coronavirus. Just what happened with the homeless people in California, US and in Germany (the only two cases investigated supported the herd immunity case). In California, 500 homeless people were tested with the virus, but none of them had any symptoms and were immune after that.

Also what adds to the proof that ALL COUNTRIES, FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES OF THE W.H.O. HAVE THE HIGHEST CASES OF INFECTIONS AND DEATH, while the rest of the countries not.

If this is proven, it’s the biggest hysterical meltdown and the biggest proof of incompetence every witnessed in the history of humankind and in such scale.

The Saturday April 25th is flagged as the day with the biggest chaos in this pandemic, but at Sunday there was a noticeable drop in the number of new reported infections.

Display it in cute pink, the infections worldwide are going down the last two days
New infections reported in the month April 2020

Throughout the month April, you see (after the peak 2-4 April 2020), and worked itself slower higher and higher 22-25 April 2020), and it went suddenly down. No idea why (grin).

Death in Europe

In this month, the 4 highest number of death were reported. with the highest number of death worldwide was at April 19, 2020 with 165,031 people dead.

The number of death in Europe, with only eight days to display, doesn’t look stable to me. So be prepared that we will see more peaks appear (up or down).

The panic of the governments and its leaders

When the world started to realize that they were being confronted by a pandemic, the governments and leaders (not the populations at all) started to panic. All through the world, many governments and government leaders held speeches about the grave situation and repeated what their scientists were telling them of possible billions of infections and hundreds of millions of death!

Later they numbed or played down their own speeches with the extreme forecast of the pandemic and many of them started to use threats to force their citizens to comply, or else …

Mind-boggling, there were country leaders announcing to the nation that if the number of infections went up further, the government would reduce the personal freedom of their citizens even more … by actually convicting them to house arrest. Those leaders were using blackmail and intimidation to indicate that the spread of the infections were the totally fault of the misbehaving population.

Other leaders were using other ways to impress their population to act responsible by trying to motivate them, with much better success then the others.

The mainstream media, broadcast networks, newspapers and social media did everything to increase the panic. The approach of that media covering a global pandemic was to produce subjective articles full with overblown and incorrect information and they actively started a campaign to derail the efforts of the governments and leaders to fight the pandemic.

They did the unthinkable in America and launched a 24 hour non-stop attack against the President Trump and his administration with slander, lies, deceit, threats, and anything possible to derail the President and government.

For the media it was a win-win situation; they earned an enormous amount of money because of the live 24 hours coverage of the pandemic and to be used as the mouthpiece and propaganda tool of their political godfathers. For the people, it only produced more confusion, dread and in many cases panic.

Governments were engaged to the fight against the pandemic. A pandemic is an epidemic of disease spread over multiple continents. The UN and several of its organizations like the WHO, assist the governments with its knowledge, assistance, experience and by supplying guidelines to address the pandemic. It also supplies websites and information centers, which supplies information about the state of the pandemic to the world populations.

So far, so good. The websites and information centers show everyone how many people were once infected with the coronavirus (cases), how many people were recovered, how many died. And of course, as an afterthought, how many are actually infected (they call it active cases).

But what happens? Several nations were/are reporting not the actual numbers. They designed procedures and rewrite definitions of their view of who’s infected and who’s not.

Worse, some countries stopped revealing the numbers of those who are recovered. Those countries are in Europe (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, UK) and sorry to say, it’s so unbelievably stupid to do such thing. It looks suspicious (like they have to hid something ugly), it’s proof of their incompetence, and they do it in front of their own citizens and the rest of the world. Maybe their medical system is crashing? Maybe their medical system is not allowed to let people recover? PROBABLY TO COVER A CERTAIN FACT THAT THE MAJORITY OF THE INFECTED PEOPLE DON’T NEED THEIR TREATMENT TO BE CURED OF THE CORONA VIRUS?

Why such extreme response against the corona pandemic, while there are worse infectious diseases killing people in the world?

I show you one table with some interesting numbers:

Death of infectious diseases, April 28, 2020
Death of infectious diseases, April 28, 2020

Pneumonia kills five times more then corona virus does.

And do you hear the government, its leaders, the media, the United Nations, the scientific organizations and institutions mentioning anything about that?

No. They are silent about that. Or better, they ignore the whole thing.

But what they claim is that they and everyone else are working on a vaccine, which will cure us of the corona virus. Such a grotesque statement. If it would be not so serious, I would laugh.

To develop a vaccine for the corona virus, but not for the pneumonia is illogical.

And then we have the fact that the process of developing a vaccine takes a very long time, like a year or much longer, not to talk about the money involved … TAX-PAYERS MONEY to be more specific.

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