Ranking countries fighting the pandemic

Rank list, April 30, 2020

There are 212 countries and territories infected by the corona pandemic and I track 50 of them. When I receive the daily data, I normalize it and further create several tables with information. One of them is the ranking lists, which portrays the 50 countries by rank. The best performing country fighting the pandemic gets the best or highest ranking, followed by the rest. It’s also informative to see how specific countries are fairing it under each other. You see the effectiveness of your own country’s administration against the administrations of others.

Rank list, April 30, 2020
Rank list, April 30, 2020. I began to monitor the rankings from April 23, 2020.

I monitor 50 countries and publish on a daily basis the numbers about the cocona pandemic. With a little creativity I can see trends and the fun of creating rankings between the 50 countries. You see those ranking lists (one week daily ranking reports).

  • The color light-blue indicates that the country in question does not go up or down the ranking list.
  • The color light green indicates that the country is promoted.
  • The color red indicates that the country is demoted.

The numbers behind the countries indicates stagnation (0), promotion (if greater then 0) or demotion (when number is smaller then 0). For example Austria (day April 29, 2020, position 5) is promoted with 2 positions. In the same day, the US gets demoted with -3 positions (now it’s on rank 41). The previous day it was on rank 38.

In order to calculate the ranks, the following parts were considered (with a weight-constant):

  1. Number of days after the peak (how more days, how better it is)
  2. The percentage of the completing the pandemic
  3. How many cases are already recovered (cured)
  4. In which phase the country currently is in (phase 1 is only more infections, phase 2 less infections)
  5. The number of tests being performed

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