The dramatic case of Sweden in Scandinavian Corona-paradize

Sweden, Denmark and Norway

With a dramatic show, Sweden had decided not to follow the world and approach the fight against the pandemic with … continue as usual, except some minor restrictions and a sea of guidelines for its citizens. Denmark and Norway refused, and followed everyone else with their approach against the pandemic. This is interesting, because we can see the differences between the two methods of addressing the pandemic. I take a look.

Compare Sweden, Norway and Denmark with eachother in the rank-list.

Whatever the system anyone uses, only the results count, nothing else.

  • Sweden jumps from the 49th place, to the 45th place two days later, a day later to the 43rd place, and three days later to the 42nd place.
  • Norway jumps from the 23rd place, the next day drops a place to the 24th place, four days later it drops to the 25th place and finally it drops to the 26th place.
  • Denmark jumps from the 14th place, then two days later to the 16th place and two days later it promotes to the 14th place.

One thing must be noted. Sweden and Norway refuses to update their recovery reports, which is absolutely stupid to do. If Norway would update its recovery numbers, the country would rank similar like Denmark, and actually the same for Sweden.

Why is it stupid not to report the recovery data?
They need to have proof and a clear indication how their countries cope with the pandemic. Without recovery numbers, they are working in the dark.

What is the completeness of the countries in question?

lity %
Denmark76.4%April 5, 20204.94%3.33%
Norway3.1%March 27, 20202.71%3.18%
Sweden17%April 25, 202012.26%1.18%

In the column completed is the percentage about the people who were once infected and are processed (recovered and death). But … because Norway and Sweden do not report or monitor recovery data, there is no way to calculate how far they really are. It’s really irresponsible for countries like that.

If we look at the number of new infections of all countries together, we see this picture:

As you can see, Sweden is overwhelmed with new infections compared with Norway and Denmark.

In the above image of the tables with data from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and worldwide, we see things more in detail, instead of a vague chart.

The Percentage complete like, or completeness, changes by the day. If things go normal, that percentage will go only up until it reaches the 100% and the pandemic for that country is complete and finished.

But in the case of Sweden that is not the case. April 27th that percentage was 17.33%, but then it dropped since then.

I can’t tell you how important that percentage is, because it calculates and shows the country government (and its citizens and the rest of the world) the careful balance between detection, recovery and death.

That percentage of completion is for Norway 3.13% at the moment. If that continues, Norway will be virus free or better, have processed all the infected people at the 2nd of September 2025. For Sweden that will be July 12th 2021! But for Denmark that will be the May 19th 2020.

A government of a country, which declares that they don’t report or monitor the data about recovery must be removed and replaced with a proper government, because this smells incompetence.

And FYI, there are more flu victims than corona victims.

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