Is Israel little David or big Goliath against corona?

Jerusalem, Israel

Let you be the judge of that question. Currently, Israel has 61% of all its corona cases processed, it has further an average update of 2% per day in advancement and completion, 229 people died and 9,593 people recovered and 6,363 people still infected (active cases). When things continue like this, Israel is due to have crushed the corona virus at June 16, 2020.

What’s also very special is that Israel is really making the effort in testing the population for corona virus. Until the time of this writing, Israel tested 390,022 people. That might sound not much, but that number represent 4.51% of the Israel population.

Compare it with Italy, where they have tested 2,108,837 times, which covers 3.49% of their population an an average of 10,701 tests per day, just like the Israeli authorities have promised. Or look at the US, where they tested 6,931,132 people, covering 2.09% of the population.

The first case of the corona virus infection in Israel was at February 21, 2020. About a month later the first 100 cases were reported at March 19, 2020. The response of Israel to the Pandemic was slow, but not slower (or faster) then the average countries in the world.

According some Israeli media, the pandemic has been halted in Israel are absolutely not true. Foolish reports, foolish media and worse of all, foolish readers who are reading such garbage of false reporting and fake news. And how do I know that? Well, there are still 6,363 people out there in Israel sick because of the corona virus.

The last peak in the number of new infections was at April 3, 2020, 30 days ago. In the overall list of countries fighting the pandemic, Israel is positioned at the 17th place.

Rank list, May 3, 2020
Rank list, May 3, 2020

So I lied about answering the big question at the beginning of this article … and will answer that question about Israel being the David or Goliath in the corona pandemic fight.

Looking at the results individually, I would say the answer is David. But if I compare the results with the results from all the other countries in the world, then it becomes clear that Israel is performing well, but not excellent or bad.

It’s functioning normal, and that’s excellent by itself, so David.

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