USA – The fighting giant is waking up to fight corona

The USA is currently in battle with the corona virus, the mainstream media, the politicians, the scientific community are fighting to keep the destructive influence of several countries, who don’t have the welfare for the USA in mind. And between all of that, there is a new battlefront being prepared by the American administration. You can see that on the effort the USA is making to test its population in numbers bordering to incredible, but it’s true nevertheless. The Americans tested about 7 million people, 189,221 people a day in average for already 28 days. Even with the constant mass attacks on America’s leadership, it still manages to hold the pandemic off.

Here follows its report:

As you can see see with the above chart. Death, new infections and recovery numbers are unstable until April 29, but after that they start to ‘slide’ or better to flatten out.

Increase in death from April 22 – May 2, 2020

Also the last peak or surge of new infections in the US happened at April 24, 2020. Before that time, the country was in a strong position of recovery.

America is a huge country, and the numbers of a virulent disease like the corona is bound to be connected to many infected and death. America has 1,160,774 cases with 920,012 infected people and 67,444 death. Further America reports 173,318 people healed, but that number is highly strange and possible to be under-reported.

Furthermore, it tested almost 7 million people, which is about 2.09% of the American population, a huge undertaken. The mortality rate is 5.81% and the recovery rate is 14.93%.

Reported infections for the month April 2020

The completeness or the processed rate is about 20.7% and that’s too low. I suspect because of the botched up recovery numbers are underreported. The US improves each day with an average rate of 0.20%! That rate is far too low.With this tempo, the US will be finished with the pandemic at May 26, 2021!

But when you compare the US with other countries fighting the pandemic, it doesn’t do it well.

Rank list, May 3, 2020
Rank list, May 3, 2020

In the rank list, the USA is positioned at the 42nd position (from the 50 monitored countries).

From what I can see is that the US needs to do the following things, in whatever order:

  1. Take care of the opponents against America to show stronger and firmer leadership against those destructive forces
  2. Improve and prioritize the medical care
  3. Take care of proper and accurate reporting

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