Scientific corona-related failures

Mad scientist

I hope that the same is not happening with the development of the vaccine, because developing scientific models for predicting happenings and events concerning the corona pandemic are totally failing, all of them without any exception. If someone, authority, expert, government, media or whoever is using the source of a scientific model in predicting something, I label that person as stupid and ignorant. Even a donkey shows more intelligence.

There was not one model out there, which is proven right. I think we had a better chance to use that donkey and let it predict what will happen. Or a future/fortune teller will do as well. At the very least, you might get some result, more amusing, cheaper and we all know what to expect. But producing this kind of nonsense, many times using public money and resources, using ‘science’ as the way telling everyone on earth how stupid we are they are not, is utterly madness. I would say get rid of them.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were some boneheads at the Imperial College of London, claiming 40 million people dying from the corona thing this year. Click here to read such garbage. It’s the end of the world scenario. I would suggest that they were right, but the end of the world is rather be the end of them. Can you imagine to spend public funds and resources to keep those mad scientists in the game?

Another bunch of blockheads are those in California.

They predicted that it was not so bad with the corona thingie and so, please don’t worry.

The death toll from COVID-19 reached nearly 60,200 in the United States on Wednesday, and confirmed cases surpassed 1 million, according to Johns Hopkins University. Some models had suggested the U.S. would not reach this milestone until late summer.

You can read about that nonsense at the fake media newspaper the LA Times.

And then we have the model, which the Trump administration was using, which tells a happy, rosie future of not a single U.S. death from the coronavirus after June 21st. It also predicted that the little cute angels were falling from the sky. Read it at the fake news site the CNN.

I can waste your and my time with listing here the dump predictions of the so called science muddy fortune tellers and describe how much money they now get extra thanks to the corona pandemic, but I really need to prepare the daily update of the pandemic today. So I flag off and say good morning and all that jazz.

Maybe I need to develop a model predicting the sexual behavior of a snail. Does a snail have any sex life? I see …

The problem with all of this is the damage it does to the world, society and science itself.

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