Corona fighting performance goes down worldwide

Worldwide we see a decrease in the new reported infections (-22%), which is impressive! Furthermore, 40% of the pandemic is finished and worldwide it increases this percentage with 1.17% (in average) per day. Worldwide mortality went up with 2%, and recovery went up with 0.97%. Together with the 21.85% decrease of new infections, the time of completing this pandemic becomes dramatically smaller (59 days in average currently). Also, I want to remind the reader that the numbers of new infections reported for the corona pandemic is still lower than the influenza.

Death of infectious diseases, May 5, 2020
Death of infectious diseases, May 5, 2020

For the individual continents it’s a strange case:

Corona fighting performance goes down  worldwide

In Europe, there are 1,469,911 cases, 777,903 infected people at the moment, an decrease of infections of -3% (22,408), Europe is 47% complete (processed) and it’s average daily performance is 1.39%. In Europe, 18,089,867 tests were performed, or 46.14% of all the tests in the world. The last five days Europe was underperforming.

In Europe, the recovery goes reasonable, except for those countries chosen not have have their recovery numbers reported anymore. The recovery went a little back with a decrease of -0.23%, which is much better then the decreases of the other continents. The testing went up with 3.19% and the mortality went down with -35%, which is excellent.

North America sees an average decrease of new infections too (-28%). Yesterday the new infections went down at 16% compared with the day before that. We can calculate that the continent North America has 23% completed of the pandemic. In Europe that’s 47%. Anyway, if this trend continues in North America, we can see the end of the pandemic in this continent in 118 days. In Europe that number is 45 days. In North america, 8,681,516 were performed, or 22.14% of all the tests in the world.

In this continent we have a 81.78% decrease of the number of people recovered. This is an extreme serious problem, because it holds back the continuation of the pandemic fight. And that’s also not all. The testing, which is also important fel with -46.59%. The only god thing is that the mortality cases went down with -19%.

In Asia, last Monday 14,037 new infections were documented, an increase of 7%. Overall, this continent saw a -26.51% decrease of new infections, which is great. The completeness of the pandemic is 57% and the continent increases the completeness with an average of 1.67% per day.
There is also a problem ith the recovery numbers being reported by the countries in this continent. There is a strong decrease of -27.16% for new recoveries, and that’s very bad. It stands actively in the way of resolving the pandemic in months and might be very likely extend the pandemic for a couple of years to come. There is also a decrease of testing (-9.08%) in this continent, which is also bad. Reason for testing is to identify the problem or to identify those who are infected, so they can be isolated before they infect more people.

And then we have the mortality rate. That’s 5.82% for the continent. The good news is that there is a decrease of -38% for the number of people who died.

In South America we see a 16.06% decrease of new infections, like in the rest of the world. The completeness is 40% at the moment and a daily increase of 1.18% (in average). Also at the moment, it will take 58 days to reach the point of no pandemic anymore!
There is a strong decrease in the recovery numbers of 247.91% and that’s serious. With such decrease, it will take years to get rid of the pandemic. About the mortality, this alo has decreased with 14% and that’s good (for the change).

In Africa we see a 22.70% decrease of new infections, 38% completeness and 1.11% increase per day (in average). Furthermore, it takes 63 days with these numbers to finish the pandemic in this continent.There is a 9.44% decrease in recoveries, 48.39% decrease in testing and a 25% decrease in mortalities, the last one is good. Also be aware, that Africa carries 1.32% of all corona cases, 0.73% of all death, and it covers 2.11% of all corona tests.

This beautiful continent carries 0.23% of all corona cases and 0.05% corona related death in the world. Also in this continent, there is a strong decrease of 428.81% in the number of new infections. This continent is 87% complete with closing down this pandemic and a 2.57% daily increase. It wil take 12 days before the pandemic is gone from this continent, when everything runs like it runs now. Even with the strong decrease in corona cases, we see a small decrease in testing (3%), and there is a decrease of 49.29% in recoveries.

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  1. If you want to see the actual data, go to the download page and download the latest spreadsheet. Sorry, spreadsheet of May 5, 2020.

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