Corona Problem Countries in May 2020

With the temperature chart about completion rates its very easy which countries are in trouble and which are not. Anyway, we’re talking about Belgium because of its decrease of recovery cases, Brazil with the — out of control — new infections, the same for Canada, and the dreadful number of new dead (every day 2,465 exactly), Colombia with the out of control new infections and decrease of health care, the Dominican Republic with the unstable number of new infections, Ecuador with the out of control new infections and failing health system and the out of control deaths, Egypt with the out of control new infections, India with the out of control new infections and cases of new deaths, Japan has problems with the recovery rate, which is decreasing and the number of death increased, Luxembourg with its failing health and recovery rates, Mexico with the out of control new infections, the Netherlands, which is draining slowly to death with of several years long corona infections, Norway’s supplied data are not correct, Pakistan has out of control infections, Peru too and a disintegrating health system, Portugal has problems too with its failing health system, Russia has its new infections out of control and has troubles with its health system, South Korea has now an underperforming a health system, the same with Spain, Switzerland and the US.

Completion last 15 days, May 6, 2020
Completion last 15 days, May 6, 2020. How more problems for a country, how more red.

For your information, influenza has so many more infections than the corona pandemic. And the pneumonia has so many times more death then the corona pandemic.

Death of infectious diseases, May 6, 2020
Death of infectious diseases, May 6, 2020

The US has 1,237,633 cases, 964,736 people sick (infected), 7,727,811 people tested (that’s 2.33% of the population), its rate for completion is 22.05%, the average increase each day is 0.21% and that means that it’ll take in average 382 days before the pandemic is resolved in the US (May 18, 2021). Further the US has mortality rate of 5.84% and recovery rate of 16.21%.

Now the performance. The number of new corona infections is increased with 11% (in average), but the last four days it went better (10% decrease). The actual serious and big problem is the recovery. No idea why, but the performance is very bad. There is a strong decrease of the number of recovered cases with more then half (55%!). It’s unbelievable.

In Switzerland there is a serious problem with the recovery rates too. The decrease of the number of recovered cases is 7%, death rate is 5.98%.

In Spain, there is a problem with the health care. It shows not a smooth curve, but peaks going into the plug and negative. The chart shows the increase or decrease of the number of people recovered. Furthermore Spain has also a strong decrease of 14% in recovery cases.

Korea is doing it very well overall with the fight against the pandemic. It’s 88% completed, it has a 2.47% increase per day in average, there is a 3% of decrease in the number of infections, it tests every day 4,500 in average, the number of death are decreased with 13%, but the problem now is the decline of the recovery with 26%! That number stands in its way for the elimination of the pandemic supposingly to be reached in 12 days.

Everytime if there are peaks in the number of new infections so close to the last dates, it means that you can expect to have more infections to come the coming days, or in many other cases, it doesn’t repeat itself anymore, depending on the performance in the medical system of the country. and because the medical system in Russia is underperforming with a decrease of 23% of the total number of people recovered, Russia is still in deep trouble.

Furthermore, it’s 14% complete, 239 days before completion, and it has a 0.37% average increase of completion per day.

Peru has problems with the number of new infections and the extra problem this country has is he latest people of the record number of new infections. But in average, they have a decrease of the total number of new infections, so not all is bad. There is also a problem with the performance of their medical systems, because the number of recovered people went down with 30%!

Pakistan has problems as well about the new infections, because it goes slowly up. It doesn’t seem to be out of control yet, but it might be when it continues like this.Pakistan is 29% complete with a 0.81% daily increase (in average), meaning that it takes about 95 days before it’s pandemic free in theory.

The mortality rate for this country is 2.33%, and currently the number of death has decreased with 4%! The recoveries are down with 4% as well, and that’s not good. In the case of Pakistan, they need to invest in their medical systems if they want to have a quick restore of their country and the end of the pandemic. They need at least a 21,000 additional recoveries before they can be even.

Norway is an absolute failure in their plight against the pandemic. First, they don’t report (or monitor!?) the recoveries and that’s the absolute most irresponsible thing to do for a country and authority fighting against the pandemic. There will be no way to measure how far they are performing, so they are also not able to decide where they need to focus on to get improvement. They are a danger for their own citizens and the citizens of their neighboring countries. But whatever they do, they manage to get a decrease of 16% of their new infections, but their completeness is 3% and an increase of their performance of 0.06% a day. With as result it will take them in this tempo 1,502 days before they can get rid of their pandemic.

Just like Norway, the Netherlands is another country mismanaging the pandemic. They stubbornly refuse to monitor the recovery rates and data, with as result that they don’t have a firm grip on the pandemic and the treatment of it, resulting in more death and more infections. Their new infections are up with 4%, their completeness is 13% and daily improvement is 0.14%! It takes them 622 days to recover from this pandemic with the current initiative they are showing. The Nederlands also has an increase of 2% of the mortality and actually its criminal.

Rank list, May 6, 2020
Rank list, May 6, 2020

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