Epidemiology of suicide and/or Corona

More people die of suicide than war, murder or Corona

What's an Epidemiology?

By definition, epidemiology is the study (scientific, systematic, and data-driven) of the distribution (frequency, pattern) and determinants (causes, risk factors) of health-related states and events (not just diseases) in specified populations (neighborhood, school, city, state, country, global).

And yes, the suicides worldwide is an epidemy. And a serious one.

Currently we're in a Corona pandemic (time of writing this). The pandemic cost the world already about a million death. Currently (and already for years so) we're in a suicide epidemy, with about 1.5 million death (for one year).

These numbers didn't take into account the price we all pay for the enforced shutdowns of our societies and economies, and it's very likely that this number might even double or triple. The costs of a shutdown on the population is devastating.

Clinical depression is an especially common cause. Abuse and severe physical disease or physical or mental weakness are also recognized as causes. The Eastern Europe and East Asia regions have the highest suicide rate worldwide. The region with the lowest suicide rate is the Caribbean, followed by the Middle East. Furthermore, among all age groups in most of the world, females have higher rates of reported nonfatal suicidal behaviors, while males have a much higher rate of completed suicides.

COVID 2019-suicides: A global psychological pandemic

Stress, anxiety and pressure in medical healthcare professionals are at immense and at the peak. 50% of the medical staff in the British hospitals are sick, and at home, leaving high pressure on the remaining staff to deal with the situation. In King’s College Hospital, London, a young nurse took her own life while treating COVID-19 patients.

Even the forefront warriors, i.e. medical professionals are constantly in close contact with COVID-19 positive and/or quarantined patients while treating them are under psychological trauma. The predictors are constant fear of getting infection, unbearable stress, helplessness and distress watching infected patients die alone.

Social boycott and discrimination also added few cases to the list of COVID-19 suicides. Mamun MA et al., 2020 reported the first COVID-19 suicide case in Bangladesh, where Zahidul Islam, a 36-year-old man committed suicide due to social avoidance by the neighbours and his moral conscience to ensure not to pass on the virus to his community.

2 thoughts on “Epidemiology of suicide and/or Corona”

  1. What I want to show with this article is that the policy makers don’t think clear. They make the situation only worse and more people are killed because of a closure than it suppose to protect them from death.

    The biggest killer is not the pandemic, or even the suicide epidemy, but the governments and their bunch of ‘scientists’.

    About that, the Corona death reported are suspicious. Those who tried to investigate the cause of death discovered that those people died because of other causes than Corona. Also the crime numbers of New York state suddenly didn’t report any death of homicide, but a dramatic increase of Corona death. In the UK, any death during the time of Corona was categorized as Corona death in some institutions.

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