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If you are looking to work for yourself and build your own freedom, learning how to become a virtual assistant (also known as VA) might be perfect for you!

virtual assistant (VA) is a person that can give support to other businesses from a remote location. Thanks to high-speed internet, document sharing and cheap conference calling systems, virtual assistants are in high demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help but don’t want to bring on full-time staff in a specific location. They are or can work like freelancers too, but those are only labels in this line of work.

  • Every VA offers different services. Just think about what you are good at and make sure you personalize your offer based on your skills.
  • The best thing you can do, especially when you are starting out, is to specialize in a niche and offer your service to a type of business.
  • By becoming an expert in your niche, you will also be able to get paid more per job in the long run.

Social Media

A lot of business owners know that they need a social media presence, but most of them don’t have time to dedicate to create content, share and engage with their audience.

If you love the idea of managing Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, this niche could be for you.

Social media moves really fast, and every week there are new platforms to master and to learn.

Social media virtual assistants are in high demand and if you have any of these skills, this area might be perfect for you:

  • You understand how to create headlines worth sharing and are familiar with copywriting and marketing
  • You have an eye for design and can pin, tweet and select beautiful images for Instagram
  • You love being up to date with everything that’s trending
  • You can engage with a brand’s audience and know how to keep the conversation going with people


If you always wanted to start your own blog, becoming a blogger’s VA is a great way to fast-track your blogging success, while earning some extra money on the side.

You’ll be able to learn how more successful bloggers run their blogs while helping them with more administrative tasks.

Some of the tasks you will do as a blogger’s VA are:

  • Write, edit, and proofread blog posts
  • Moderate blog comments
  • Create graphics for blog posts or social media like Pinterest
  • Improve SEO
  • Remove broken links, add affiliate links
  • Manage readers’ emails
  • Schedule social media


Running an e-commerce store can be tough, especially for small and mid-size businesses.

Business owners have an endless list of tasks to manage every day.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in to help.

Some of the things you could help with are:

  • Manage customer service
  • Track orders, including order entry, shipment and invoicing.
  • Deal with returns/exchanges
  • Manage inventory
  • Help with marketing
  • Website maintenance


Ok, general admin isn’t really a highly specialized niche BUT if you have previous experience in an office job, this is the perfect place to start as a virtual assistant. It’s probably not the most lucrative but administrative support is crucial to most businesses, and it’s a straightforward way to market yourself to small business owners that need help.

There are many tasks that you can do as a general admin VA, including:

  • Managing calendars and schedule
  • Managing emails
  • Booking appointments
  • Making travel arrangements
  • File management
  • Data entry
  • Setting up spreadsheet

Pretty much every task that a general office assistant on-site would do, except for bringing the coffee!

Content production

If you love creating, curating, and editing videos or beautiful images, you could start a VA business as a content production creator.

Creating content is very time consuming, and most businesses do not have time to dedicate to this and will look to outsource these tasks.

You can offer your services to help with:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Research content ideas
  • Create graphics
  • Source photos
  • Take product pictures
  • Edit pictures
  • Create videos


If you have any previous experience in finance and bookkeeping, this could be quite a lucrative virtual assistant niche for you to look into.

You could offer services like:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoice creation
  • Payments processing
  • Payroll

Some real examples

  • User Interviews is a legit company that provides qualified research respondents to whoever needs it. And they now recruit people internationally!
  • If you are interested to earn money with focus groups, another top-rated legit company is Respondent.io.
  • Most survey sites aren’t great. It takes too long to make enough money and you never qualify. But Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are legit!
  • Swagbucks: is the favorite app for surveys and cashback.
  • Survey Junkie: a great survey selection to choose from, easy to qualify, and earn money.
  • These 2 surveys are rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot and have thousands of reviews!
  • Another survey company is LifePoints. It’s available in 40 countries and there are plenty of surveys to choose from. Each one takes 10 minutes or less.
  • If you love shopping around, how about doing it for others? With Instacart you will work as an independent contractor delivering groceries for other people.
  • InboxDollars is a cool website to make some cash with surveys, but you can also make money by watching movie previews, TV shows, celebrity videos, the latest news, and many other videos. Plus, you’ll get a bonus $5 just for signing up.
  • Do you own a car? How about placing advertising on it and get paid? With Wrapify you can get paid up to $452 for having your car wrapped with an ad.
  • If you are a creative person, did you ever think about selling your crafts on websites like Etsy?
  • By simply installing their app on your smartphone, if you are in the US, they will pay you $50 a year.
  • UpVoice is a new passive user panel that pays users $75 in Amazon gift cards for regularly browsing specific sites (like Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon!). While you browse, UpVoice passively collects data about the ads you see and match it with their demographics data to create marketing insights for brands.
  • There are plenty of websites that will help you to find a side job to work part-time from home. You can work for a few hours a day as a proofreader, virtual assistant, writer, social media manager, tutor, transcriptionist …
  • Mistplay is a legit Android app that pays you to play. It has over 78,000 reviews on Google Play and it averages a score of 4.4 stars!
  • JustAnswer connects doctors, software engineers, plumbers, lawyers, and other experts to people that need answers to questions.
  • Another way to make money is to make deliveries for Amazon Flex.  You can make between $18 to $25 per hour, which means you could make $100 a day by simply working 4 hours.
  • Teaching English is perfect for college students, school teachers looking to earn some more on the side, stay-at-home mums, and anyone who likes the idea of teaching from home.
  • Website UserTesting.com pays you $10 per test via PayPal. Each test usually takes around 20 minutes. That works out to a possible $30 an hour. Not too bad for surfing the internet!
  • Another great website is BetaTesting: here you get paid $10 to $25 per test. You simply sign up, add some details about you, and which devices you own. This is essential as each test will need to be performed on a specific device. And then you can start testing away.
  • If you enjoy writing, you will be able to sell your skills and become a freelance writer in no time! You can find freelance writing jobs on websites like:
  • There are plenty of online websites that make it easy for you to sell your skills and create online courses.

    The best ones are:

  • If you are up to running some errands for others, you can easily make some money on websites like:
    • TaskRabbit: this is one of the best websites, with a high variety of tasks but there is a $20 non-refundable registration fee to pay when you sign up to become a tasker.
    • Fiverr
    • Thumbtack
    • Gigwalk
  • Best websites/apps to sell your stuff online:
  • Best websites to sell your photos online:
  • Best websites/app to sell:
  • Swagbucks will pay you to use its search engine.

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