Israel lies about the Corona numbers to its population!

Netanyahu and Corona

The Israeli government lies to its people

The Israeli government lies to its people about the state of the Corona pandemic in Israel. With the fabricated data they continue to force the closure to continue

Senior government officials have claimed that they want to halt or slow the opening of the Israeli economy because of alarming new infections.

Israel’s coronavirus cabinet is apparently expected to postpose the reopening of the country’s malls, open-air markets and gyms as the COVID-19 infection rate appears to be on the rise yet again.

Ynetnews (English newspaper in Israel)

As you can see, the new infections didn’t go up. In the continuary, it went only down.

The numbers the government is publishing on their Hebrew Corona website are not correct with that of the Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

Funny thing, Israel reports their corona data to that organization! Except different values than they publish for the Israeli public.

You can retrieve the data (from CSSE) here.

I publish for your convenience the CSV data files (raw data) and spreadsheet below.

The problem with their data is not the infections …

… the problem is with the recoveries. With other words, the hospitals, the organizations overseeing the recoveries at home.

As you can see in the above chart, the number of new infections went dramatically down, but the number of recoveries went down too.

  • Logical wise, that might have something to do with less patients in the hospitals, so less recoveries.
  • It might also have to do with the chaos in the hospitals and other medical organizations
  • It may also have to do with the effectiveness of the medical facilities in Israel.

But the downturn of the recoveries is a trend, which happens already for months. Only the end of October it went down much faster.

The battle against the Corona

… goes reasonable good.

But now they are cheating …

And this is not the first time the government supplied false statistics to the Israeli public

Unemployment Sores!

Israel’s unemployment soars beyond 20 percent

Central Bureau of Statistics reports the unemployment rate in the first half of October reached 22.7%, compared to 19.1% during the same time period a month earlier, an increase of over 160,000 jobless”


And that number will be much higher than it is now.

But that number does not represent the reality!

Think logical. How many people don’t work because of the closure? That’s the true number of the unemployment! And that’s much more than their meager 22.7%!

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