Media: Corona infection rates are up! Help! Panic! Hide!

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The mainstream media let us believe that there is a very strong increase of infections and even death. The particular thing is that every time a government wants to make decisions about corona, especially decisions, which will be unpopular, there are all kind of alarming reports in the mainstream media. And this is again the case. But is this true?

Let us investigate what is really going on. We take the official data from Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, which is used as the standard data about the Corona pandemic worldwide, and see if there are indeed strong increases of corona infections.

For those who want to see the raw data, I included the CSV-files attached to this article: [lana_download id="10767"]

The spreadsheet: [lana_download id="10771"]

Worldwide numbers of Corona pandemic

After many reports from the media about alarming increase of the corona pandemic, local and global, here are the numbers

Population infected


Minuscule part of world population

Pandemic complete


Almost completed

Increase infections


Strong decrease of infections

Increase recoveries


Because of less infected people

Increase Mortalities


Because of less infected people

Less infections than ever
A tiny part of the world population was/is infected
Mainstream media loves panic!
The earn billions because of that

Worldwide corona reports

Worldwide corona, last 7 days
Worldwide corona, last 7 days

As you can see. the above chart displays no increases of infections or mortalities. This is a week overview. Here follows an overview for a longer period. These data is about the worldwide corona situation!

Worldwide corona, longer period
Worldwide corona, longer period

From September 1, 2020 there are no strong increases of infections worldwide.

Worldwide 09/11 Mon 10/11 Tue 11/11 Wed 12/11 Thu 13/11 Fri 14/11 Sat 15/11 Sun
Cases  50,923,663  51,460,740  52,126,793  52,740,580  53,365,400  53,927,158  54,370,186
Recoveries  33,289,404  33,544,236  33,926,351  34,149,223  34,450,332  34,726,418  34,955,148
Mortalities  1,264,225  1,273,012  1,284,636  1,293,954  1,302,556  1,311,192  1,317,139
Incr. cases  500,644  537,077  666,053  613,787  624,820  561,758  443,028
Incr. recover  256,642  254,832  382,115  222,872  301,109  276,086  228,730
Incr. death  7,125  8,787  11,624  9,318  8,602  8,636  5,947
Incr.cases % -13% 7% 19% -9% 2% -11% -27%
Incr.recov.% 1% -1% 33% -71% 26% -9% -21%
Incr.death % 19% 19% 24% -25% -8% 0% -45%

But that's only a detailed view about the corona data for 7 days, and it doesn't give a general overview what's going on. Also, it only represents the worldwide corona data. Here are the so called temperature tables, which displays the performance of the battle against the corona pandemic per day.

Each day is compared with the previous day. That results into a percentage of increase or decrease. If the increase or decrease is bad (i.e. more infections), it's red. If it's good, than it's green or neutral, it's yellow.

Corona with 9 countries

Corona with 9 countries

Corona in the US

Corona in Belgium

Corona Belgium

Corona in Germany

Corona Belgium

Corona in Israel

Corona in France

Corona in Italy

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