What do you need to work from home?

The basics

Assume that I mean working from home with a computer and/or mobile phone and earn money with those devices. Online work, remote work, working from home, or whatever you use, is easier said than done, so here is the guideline to be ready with the online work.Mobile phone


  1. Get yourself a computer. I’m talking about a simple computer with up to 2 gigabytes of memory. The operating system is not important, it can be Apple, Android or Windows or something else, but the most important program in this computer is an Internet browser.browser
  2. Get yourself a stable internet connection. And stable needs to be stable. If you don’t have a stable Internet connection, you might lose your work.
  3. Get yourself an email address. Any permanent email address. If you don’t have one, create one at gmail (click on Create Account).Email
  4. Go to PayPal to create an online bank account with the email.
  5. If you don’t have a credit card or debit card, get yourself one. You can get debit cards from post offices and/or banks, depending on where you live. You must link or connect your credit/debit card to your paypal account.
  6. In this way, you can send money from your paypal account to your credit/debit card, so you can get cash from the ATM or pay with your card.
  7. If you live in the US, you can ask PayPal for a PayPal debit card.

After that, you have the basics under control. Ha!

To choose a computer (laptop, desktop or tablet), look at the list to get some idea what the prices are:

[ninja_tables id=”11907″]

Your work time and location

Work hoursYour work location is unimportant. You might live at the North pole, Antartica or anywhere between those two places, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is a good Internet connection. Soon you can also work from the moon.

The working time is different and it depends also on the type of work you’re doing.

  • Some jobs require that you work with people together (in a team for example), or you have meetings, or deadlines, etc. That means that your working day starts with the official working time of your customers timezone.Work hours
  • Other jobs are jobs, you do alone. With other words, you need to finish the job and deliver it as soon as possible, so you can get your earnings. That means you can work at any hour you want.

Working from home, literally

Home officeYou need to have a place to work. Preferable that place is a separate room with a good chair, table and working electricity sockets. This is important, because if you must work on the streets, cafes, internet cafes, in the parks or beaches or mountains, it will distract.

When you can find your office, than you have the issue of working times. If your job does not require for a certain working time, please have them anyway. Choose a time period (depending on the duration of course) and keep yourself working those times. After and before those times, don’t work, but relax if you can.

You’re ready for the next step.

Short term jobs

Online workI hope you still have your PayPal information (the email you’ve registered yourself at PayPal). And now it’s about time that you find work, or at least find some short jobs.

    1. Visit the article Best Remote work.
  1. Visit the Online Work Database.
  2. You really need money? Really fast? Click here.
  3. Join focus groups (no computers needed).
  4. Virtual assistants and what they do.
  5. Join or explore freelance sites for work.

All of those six articles have links to websites, which offers work. And for all those sites and jobs, they require PayPal for payments to you after you finish the work. Some of those jobs are easy and pay some dollars, others are complicated and difficult and you can earn several hundreds of dollars.

Opening a shop or website

That means that you’re going to have a domain name, a hosting account (for a year) and a connections with a provider or supplier of products.

  1. Choose WordPress as the technology to create and maintain a website
  2. The price is $25 per month, but they insist to pay per year, which is $300 per year for a website at WordPress and it includes the domain name too.
  3. Than add a plugin from Amazon for Dropshipping. That cost about $59 one time. It gives you the possibility of importing unlimited products from the huge Amazon shops. You can have this plugin for free, but than it allows you to import only 20 products maximum per day.

With the WordPress website and the huge number of plugins, you have the possibility to create a blog, a shop, a website or all or a combination of it. The next article will go about how to build an online shop in the Internet.

Books about remote work

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