A to-do list before you go into a national Corona lockdown

Coona lockdown

A national lockdown is a requirement for people to stay where they are, usually due to specific risks to themselves or to others if they can move freely. Many countries on earth had already a lockdown and a few countries are already in another (second) lockdown or preparing themselves for a second one. Each country has their own set of rules, like the distance people can move from where they are (i.e. 500 meters).

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Prepare yourself for the lockdown

Before you go into a lockdown, especially a second one, there are some things you need to take care of in order to survive the lockdown as good as possible. Here follows a to-do list:

  1. Internet and telephone. This is essential. The Internet is the means of communication to and from the wide world (friends, family, work, relaxation, news, etc).
    • Take care that you pay ahead and that you’ve enough to cover the period of the lockdown.
    • I would advice additionally prepaid SIMS in case that. For example, in Israel they promised a three weeks lockdown, and now we’re still in lockdown for 76 days (almost 11 weeks) with no end in sight!
  2. Buy canned food. The supermarkets are working, but it’s a good idea to have canned food available. Examples for canned food are pasta, rice, salt, sugar, baking products, beans, tuna, salmon, vegetables, fruits, etc.
    • When you run out of money to buy groceries, you’ll be very happy with canned food.
  3. Money!
    • You run soon out of money. For those with unemployment benefits must realize that the duration is not infinitive and soon your unemployment payments will stop. You can try for social welfare (in some countries). That’s a disaster for many people, especially when you have (teenaged) children, mortgage, high rent, loans, etc.
      • People without citizenship don’t have the right of such payments in most countries and they are immediately in financial problems! Food banks is an answer, but this depends on how well you prepare!
    • Invest and/or research for online or remote work, go freelance, and online work database. Investigate the best remote jobs available. and register yourself already as soon as possible. Test the remote work and see if it’s serious and if you’re indeed able to earn money with remote work.
      • You can buy already simple tablet computers (locally) from $90 and up. Maybe check out good second hand computers (from $60). For online work you need a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) and internet.
      • Open an Internet bank account (the best is PayPal) and link the account to a debit card, so that you can use the ATM to receive your money in your hands or pay per debit card.
    • Prepare yourself for financial difficulties. You know how much money you have and you also know when that money is exhausted. Financial management is a MUST!
  4. Smoking!
    • Smoking is unhealthy, the society claims. That might be true or not, but for many people smoking is relaxing and helps to reduce the stress. But … smoking is very expensive!
    • In many countries there is the gray circuit for buying cigarettes and/or tobacco. For example, the average price of a pack of cigarettes in Israel is $8.50. In the gray circuit, the price is from $1.21 a pack.
    • Another example is tobacco. Normally the price of tobacco is about $21 for 50 gram of tobacco. But it’s possible to buy tobacco in the gray circuit for $10 (for 250 gram of tobacco)! Don’t forget filters and cigarette paper!
    • Buy enough cigarettes, which covers the time of the lockdown and more.
  5. Organize a group of people to communicate with.
    • This is essential a well. This can be a group of family members, friends, colleagues, friends of the local bar, fishing club, etc. Take care that everyone is preparing and keep contact with anyone of the group.
    • In case you (or someone else of the group) gets in trouble, as group you can offer support and actual help.
    • For those who have nobody and are totally alone, contact me and/or send me an email.

The ‘curse’ of a second lockdown

Some government will place the country in a second national lockdown. An example is Israel. They promise that the lockdown only will last for two, four or eight weeks and this depends on the results of the lockdown. It’s obvious that they don’t plan to release the lockdown until the vaccine is available.

This is a serious problem with your available resources, because you run out after a week, a month, two or three months, like what happens in Israel.

The only way to overcome such problems is find a source of income. And that means online or remote work. In many countries there are many job offers, and 40% of them are remote work! In this site you find many sources of where you can look for such jobs. It’s a solution for many people.

When to start the preparations?

Start now.

You begin with investigating if remote work will work for you. Explore the availability and the type of remote work. If you indeed find suitable work, take care that you invest in the equipment (internet, computer).

Make your personalized to-do list, and you can use this article as a base.


Good luck.

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