A Socio-Economic Epidemic in Israel, Thanks Corona

The coronavirus pandemic in Israel started as a health epidemic … but now it continues as an unparalleled socio-economic epidemic. The year 2020, 268,000 new households were pushed into poverty. That’s 3% of the Israeli population. Above that, we see 850,000 households, 9.3% of the population, receive welfare and meal services.

Israel’s middle class shrank during the pandemic 15.5%. The need for financial aid surged to 70% following the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. Almost a quarter (24%) of those who needed and requested financial aid claim that they did not receive any.

From all households, 77% suffering from financial hardships and are Jewish families, compared to the year before where only 58% of Jewish households reported slipping into poverty.

Around 422,000 households found themselves falling on hard financial times amid the pandemic. Compared to last year, where 24.1% were in this category, an additional 14.5% (totaling 38.6%) of Israelis found themselves struggling to make ends meet.

I would say let’s have another closure, because almost 40% poverty is not enough. Let’s make worldnews and try to push that percentage to 80%!


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