A Corona Lockdown is like the Cure is Worse than the Disease

Public health officials believe they can manage a virus through effective central planning (implementing lockdown of society and the like), but this is not true. Human behavior and action are incredibly complex, far too complex for bureaucrats and political officials to control through senseless policy directives. A national lockdown doesn't help at all.

study published on July 21 in The Lancet, a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal founded in 1823, indicated that a government lockdown were ineffective. Similarly, a study published by Frontiers in Public Health several months after The Lancet paper found neither lockdowns nor lockdown stringency were correlated with lower death rates. Research from Tel Aviv University published in October on the website medRxiv said that strict lockdowns may not save lives. Researchers analyzed mobility data collected from iPhones and found no statistical association between lockdown severity and the number of COVID-19 fatalities.

In a May Bloomberg article titled “The Results of Europe’s Lockdown Experiment Are In,” data journalist Elaine He shared several visuals based on work done by the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government, which tracked a range of government stringency measures across Europe. COVID mortality, He said, did not appear to be associated with lockdown stringency.

A lockdown does not work, but social distancing does.

New research from Tel Aviv University based on mobility data collected from iPhone users and published this week in preprint form on the website medRxiv argues that rigorous lockdowns may not save lives. The authors say the most important factor for decreasing mortality (number of deaths) — as opposed to morbidity, the number of infections — is how quickly social-distancing measures are implemented. A delay of 7.49 days in introducing social-distancing measures doubled mortality, the researchers discovered.

Corona-mortality numbers are suspect

Johns Hopkins University’s student newspaper, the News-Letter, reported on a university presentation stating that COVID-19 “had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people” and that the virus “has also not increased the total number of deaths” in comparison to historical data.

Assistant Director for the university’s Applied Economics program Genevieve Briand critically analyzed the net effect of COVID-19 on deaths in the United States based on historical data. Using information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Briand identified the percentages of total deaths per age category both before and after the pandemic began.

“Surprisingly, the deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19,” said the News-Letter’s article.

“Since COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in older age groups. However, this increase is not seen from the CDC data. In fact, the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.”

Though deaths in categories like respiratory illnesses and heart disease seasonally rise and fall together in the United States, Briand noticed a strange trend.

“Instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease,” in addition to “all other causes.” Additionally, “the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19.”

“All of this points to no evidence that COVID-19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary,” Briand concluded in her presentation. She told the News-Letter that “a decreased number of heart attacks and all the other death causes doesn’t give us a choice but to point to some misclassification.”

However, the paper later removed the article, stating that it had been used to support “dangerous inaccuracies” on social media.

These studies confirm already what many already know. Crazy situations like a man shot in the head, but was infected with Corona is a Corona death. All those people dying of cancer, but were infected with the virus also died because of Corona. Or like in the UK, whoever died, whatever the reason, died because of Corona, because there is a Corona pandemic! Or in NYC, when suddenly nobody died of traffic and crime anymore, but all of them died because of Corona, according the statistics, is also suspicious and actually obvious of mass cheating.

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