Corona fatigue beyond believe

Corona cartoon

People get sick of the media reports and government restrictions

We're all in the middle of the corona pandemic, which is running and ruining our lives already for ten months and the end is not in sight, despite the announcement of the arrival of a not tested corona vaccine. The problem is not so much the pandemic by itself, but the contradicting statements of the government and the medical authorities, who seem to run the show and govern our societies and communities, and all of it in the new religion called "the Science". All of that leads to the corona fatigue. People are really getting sick, but not of the coronavirus, but of the authorities, science and media.

Manipulating the news

Funny Corona cartoonsOne of the obvious examples of manipulation of corona related information is that the number of death last year is not so much different than the number of death this year, dominated by the pandemic. Such contradiction really leads to media fatigue.

Johns Hopkins University’s student newspaper, the News-Letter, reported on a university presentation stating that COVID-19 “had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people” and that the virus “has also not increased the total number of deaths” in comparison to historical data.

It's rather easy to get the statistics about national (and international) mortalities from last and this year and compare them yourself.

From all those contradicting statements of the authorities, they are all transmitted by the mainstream media, national and internationally. Not one of them did a thorough investigation, not one of them double checked the actual facts, not one of them asked any critical question to the authorities, and all of them spiced the statements from the authorities with an obvious effort to increase their sales of "news".

Switch on the TV and you hear all over the place the same news, and nobody asks any critical question. If you watch the American or European media, media in Africa or in Asia, they are all the same.

And ... people notice!

Fatigue is a term used to describe an overall feeling of tiredness or lack of energy. It isn't the same as simply feeling drowsy or sleepy. When you're fatigued, you have no motivation and no energy. Being sleepy may be a symptom of fatigue, but it's not the same thing.

Despair, desperation, despondency, discouragement, hopelessness refer to a state of mind caused by circumstances that seem too much to cope with. Despair suggests total loss of hope

The new religion called "SCIENCE"

Corona cartoon
Corona cartoon

It's so unbelievable irritating when people in charge are referring to "THE SCIENCE" when they try to explain new restrictions on the population, because of the arrival of a new variant of the coronavirus, like you see in the UK. In this case, "THE SCIENCE" is still busy to study the new variant without any answers yet. Or the obvious political motivated restrictions to destroy whole industries under the delusion of the infections outbreak like what you see in the US. Or the political chaos being hijacked by politicians to impose a new national closure in order to gain political points and to avoid legal problems and to point to the new religion called "THE SCIENCE". And the science fatigue grows ...

And what is "THE SCIENCE" doing in the meantime?

They are earning money big time. They are almost literally swimming in the hundreds of billions (soon to be trillions) of dollars and it continues streaming in unrestricted. They live in lala land, the garden of Eden, unrestricted everything they wish for, the next batch of trillionaires. And all of that money is from the taxpayers, the members of the unwashed masses, they are so easily to manipulate.

Thanks in part to a massive investment in research by the British government, a lot of interesting data has come out of the UK, including a study which supposedly found evidence that immunity to COVID 'degrades' in the months after infection. Now, other studies have come to seemingly contradictory conclusions. It's just another reminder how fraught and complicated the process of study and research can be during an unprecedented pandemic.

All those beautiful scientific "researches" love to contradict itself on a regular basis.

One time they say that masks are not good, than they say it's good to wear it. They fail to acknowledge that the normal corona masks are designed for industrial usage (dust), not for any protection against  viruses.

The other one is that lockdowns are bad, than they change their mind again and they claim it's good, nevermind the number of suicides precedes the corona related death in many cases.

Never mind that the numbers simply say that the corona related death is not as they claim it to be.

Never mind the obvious falsification of the statistics. Never mind the lies of the lead scientists (or high priests of their new religion "THE SCIENCE") for the "common good", in order to sell more vaccines for additional tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars.

Science is feeding the media and media is feeding the unwashed masses and they refer to the new religion called "THE SCIENCE", because "THE SCIENCE" is filled with the intelligent people and they know the best and the rest of the unwashed masses of the world are too stupid to understand anything and they are doing it for the common good, just like in the Harry Potter stories, when headmaster Dumbledore send Harry Potter back to his abusing relatives.

Funny Corona cartoons"THE SCIENCE" is untouchable, they know the best and never mind that they contradict themselves all the time. Never mind that a big part of the population don't understand what science actually is and how it works, and neither the media and the politicians!

And ... people notice!

Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.

“Systematic, comprehensive, investigation” and “exploration of natural, causes and effect” is the full form of Science.

Science is defined as the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena.

What are the important 7 branches of science (and there are many more) AstronomyEcologyChemistryBiologyGeologyPsychology and Physics.

What are the governments doing against the pandemic?

Corona cartoon
Corona cartoon

Closure! Lockdown! Restrictions! Force feed the masses for the common good! Anyone claiming critical is false news! Censure! Weaponize the coronavirus! Forbid false news criticizing them!!!! Neutralize political opponents! Break the resistance! Destroy industries! A despairing population is good for them. Cause panic! Look for war or conflict to avoid close scrutiny! Hide all research proving they're wrong! Falsificate the statistics! Control the internet! Feed the unwashed masses with war movies! Feed them with violence! And it feeds the government fatigue!

Destroy the energy and motivation of the unwashed masses, suck their life savings and destroy their futures, produce mass panic, increase depression and despair, let them suffer and point their misery at their opponents! Give them false hope and show them as their saviors!

That's the way how to rule the populations, the unwashed masses, the stupid idiots, who are officially called citizens. They're nothing else then a bunch of cows or goats, only interested in their primary instincts.

People notice!

Instead of protecting, securing and safeguarding the population at risk (like the elderly, and people with serious underlying diseases), they "punish" the unwashed masses with forced restrictions!!!! The biggest part of the population is not at risk, the infection rates are very low for them, but never mind, restrict them anyway!

The new corona variant trick

And the governments found a new way to increase the corona panic and the miserable attempt to get people vaccinated! They found the newly mutated coronavirus and use it as the new corona variant trick.

Nevermind that the coronavirus mutates in average every two weeks, nevermind that there are thousands of variants of the coronavirus, nevermind that the UK strain of the new variant was discovered in September 2020, nevermind the other "dangerous" variants (like that one in Denmark and South Africa) existed months ago and only now they close the borders to "protect our population against the 'evil'".  It's a very obvious scheme to manipulate the riffraff, rabble or unwashed masses to get vaccinated.

The new religion "THE SCIENCE" agrees, but are still working to "proof" that the wonderful governments are right. And it's obvious why they do it! It increases the sales of their vaccines and it means they receive more money to do their researches.

The governments are claiming that the new UK variant is 70% faster to infect people then the original one, even that the 70% is not scientifically proven.

Now they can blame the new mutated coronavirus, instead of showing their incompetence to control the pandemic. Otherwise they try to blame it on the undisciplined behavior of the naughty unwashed masses, the rifrag, the rabble and the lowest classes of humanity!

And ... will the new lockdowns work?


If it's true that the new mutated coronavirus variants are dominating and are responsible for the increase of the new infections, it will only mean that the increase continues to do so, lockdown or not.

Normally, with a national lockdown, the numbers of newly infected people of the coronavirus increases for two weeks. After that, the number of new infections will go down gradually. With the new - more vicious - mutation, this period will for sure take longer than the two weeks.

And people are really getting sick of the restrictions and the lying governments, media and the medical authorities. They are and will resist, passive resistance as you can see it happening everywhere, It feeds to conspiracy theories all over the place, it feeds the resistance against the vaccines and it increases the distrust for their governments and authorities. It's only logical that this happens.

And the governments show their disrespect to the unwashed masses trying to force the people to follow their demands.  It will not work. The so called third wave of lockdowns will lead to their undoing and (political and medical) disasters.

Let's pray for the authorities that this resistance doesn't lead to active resistance and that they don't get hurt in the process. But there is hope!

The Israeli lockdown variant

Corona dominates life all the way
Corona dominates life all the way

The Israeli (medical) authorities invented a new variant of the usual corona lockdown!

They claim that a short term corona lockdown is needed to control the out-of-control infections and to bring the new infections back to under the thousand a day. So they say the lockdown will only last two weeks ... unless the newly infections are not under the thousand a day, than add another two weeks to the lockdown.

Nice trick to fool the population.

With a corona lockdown, it takes two weeks to bend the curve of new infections. After that the new infections will gradually go down. The two weeks for bending the curve is based on the experience of the two previous lockdowns in Israel and everywhere in the world.

Many in Israel don't buy that, but have no choice to close their businesses again. The hotel industry in Israel announced that the hotels are closed for two months and they might be closer to reality. The Israeli national lockdown will last (at the very least) two months.

But there is a little thing about the announcement of the government. They finished their announcement with a warning, that if the number of new infections are not under the thousand a day, the lockdown will be extended, without end.

And that is what happened with the second lockdown, which started at the 15th of September 2020. Officially that lockdown is still not (fully) released. Before the so called third lockdown takes effect, the second lockdown is still partly in effect. So truthfully, the second lockdown is simply a continuation of it.

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