The Israeli lockdown variant

Corona dominates life all the way
Infections from the 2nd lockdown until now

Infections from the 2nd lockdown until now

The Israeli (medical) authorities invented a new variant of the usual corona lockdown!

The Israeli government claimed that a national short term corona lockdown is needed in Israel to control the out-of-control infections and to bring the new infections back to under the thousand a day. They say the lockdown will only last two weeks ... unless the newly infections are not under the thousand a day, than add another two weeks to the lockdown. They didn't say anything what would happen if that would fail too!

Nice trick to fool the population.

Infections in Israel from the second lockdown with below 1000 cases
Infections in Israel from the second lockdown with below 1000 cases

With a corona lockdown, it takes a month to bend the curve of new infections. After that the new infections will gradually go down. The month for bending the curve is based on the experience of the two previous lockdowns in Israel and everywhere in the world.

Many in Israel don't buy this so called short term shutdown, but have no choice to close their businesses again. The hotel industry in Israel announced that the hotels are closed for two months and they might be closer to reality. The Israeli national lockdown will last (at the very least) two months, but I'm afraid that would be too optimistic as well.

It seems that the mutated coronavirus from the UK, which is claimed to be 70% more contagious, is responsible for the increase of infections in Israel (and maybe everywhere else too). If that's the case, it'll take much longer to bend the curve and to bring it down to 1,000 a day. If that's the case, two months is too optimistic.

But there is a little thing about the announcement of the government. They finished their announcement with a warning, that if the number of new infections are not under the thousand a day, the lockdown will be extended, without end.

And that is what happened with the second lockdown, which started at the 15th of September 2020. Officially that lockdown is still not (fully) released. Before the so called third lockdown takes effect, the second lockdown is still partly in effect. So truthfully, the second lockdown is simply a continuation of it.

This lockdown will not end well when Israel is still under lockdown in January ... February ... March and April 2021!

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