The New Corona Variant Trick

Corona cartoon

The governments found a new way to increase the corona panic and the miserable attempt to get people vaccinated! They found the newly mutated coronavirus and use it as the new corona variant trick.

Nevermind that the coronavirus virus mutates in average every two weeks, nevermind that there are thousands of variants of the coronavirus, nevermind that the UK strain of the new variant was discovered in September 2020, nevermind the other "dangerous" variants (like that one in Denmark and South Africa) existed months ago and only now they close the borders to "protect our population against the 'evil'".  It's a very obvious scheme to manipulate the riffraff, rabble or unwashed masses to get vaccinated.

The governments are claiming that the new UK variant is 70% faster to infect people then the original one, even that the 70% is not scientifically proven, so not officially confirmed. Also this trend doesn't show up at the chart of worldwide infections.

Infections worldwide December 2020
Infections worldwide December 2020

Now they can blame the new mutated coronavirus (true or not), instead of showing their incompetence to control the pandemic. Otherwise they try to blame it on the undisciplined behavior of the naughty unwashed masses, the rifrag, the rabble and the lowest classes of humanity!

There are other ways to fight the pandemic than only closures, but the governments are not interested.  The price of the lockdowns are very high. They are in general being (over-)ruled by the CDC, who swears by the current approach of the battle against the pandemic. They gamble everything on the vaccine. They prefer to make permanent changes to the human body instead of natural immunization, like all other pandemics are resolved and made humankind stronger. Everyone who claims different will be forced and/or bullied into their line of thought.

From the perspective of the CDC, it's much more profitable to keep things as they are then the actual global health of humankind.

The variant, called B.1.1.7., has a handful of mutations in its genetic code. Some of these mutations slightly alter the virus's so-called spike protein, which allows it to bind to and infect cells. These alterations to the spike protein could potentially make the virus spread easier.

While the virus appears to transmit more easily, there is “no evidence” that the new variant makes people sicker or increases the risk of death, the CDC said Tuesday. The new coronavirus “mutates regularly,” the CDC noted, but the overwhelming majority of mutations are insignificant.

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