Must France go into a national lockdown?

Corona and France

A national lockdown, especially during the Christmas holiday, is not needed for France. Statistically, there is a slight increase of new infections, and that's really not the reason to go into a national lockdown. Politically this is a different ballgame and that's probably the real reason why there is a national lockdown. The politicians were afraid that with the holidays, the number of infections will go up dramatically (without any scientific or statistical proof).

The statistics are derived from the raw data from the Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. In order for the reader to check them out, you can download it here.

New infections France
New infections France


 Lowest  Peak
Increased infections 04/11/2020 02/11/2020
Recovered 24/09/2020 05/11/2020
Death 19/05/2020 15/04/2020

As we can see, the trend in the chart goes up and down, especially each monday. That has to do with the lack of reporting once a week. Furthermore, there is no strong increase of infections in France, whatever their government and medical authorities are claiming.

19/12 Sat 20/12 Sun 21/12 Mon 22/12 Tue 23/12 Wed 24/12 Thu 25/12 Fri 26/12 Sat 27/12 Sun
New cases  17,102  12,619  5,797  11,634  14,804  21,541  20,124  3,030  8,233
Recoveries  915  235  658  1,594  1,214  1,367  529  273  223
Death  187  130  351  802  275  290  159  146  173

Overall, there is a slight rise in the infections in December 2020 as you can see in he above table. But is this a reason to force a national lockdown on the people, especially during Christmas?

It looks like that the French government doesn't want to tell the truth. The fact that the French government forces the national lockdown is that they are afraid that the number of cases rise dramatically because of the holiday.

If you live in France, here is a todo list when you go into lockdown.

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