Trust in media, scientists and governments is very low. Why?

There is no trust in the government, in the media, in the science, in the vaccinations. The public looks confused at the daily news, becoming scared of what they see, hear and read, everything is about doomnation, everywhere is death and disease and to make it even worse, the government enforces the national shutdowns repeatedly without any end in sight. The public is not only alarmed, but severely harmed as well. Millions are losing their income, their house, poverty and economic devastation, the disappearance of industries and the increased widespread suicides and depression, the increase of other diseases. And there seems not a way out of this mess, it seems to be everywhere.

But public notices that something is very wrong. The real reason for the shutdowns are more politically motivated than it's needed, big parts of the public experiences events, which are not reported by the mainstream media, but they are in the social media. For example, the media and the government telling everyone that the hospitals are overcrowded, but everyone can see they are even empty! And it comes with images and video for everyone to see. And suddenly they notice that YouTube removed this kind of videos!

People hear about things, where the governments are silent about, including the media. People see on live TV famous scientists admitting that they have lied to increase the sales of vaccinations and can do that without fear of arrest! People get confused by the never ending contradicting pandemic rules of masks not needed and suddenly they are needed, millions of death to come, but never arrived, billions infected, etc.

Too many times the media lied to the public and the public noticed. Too many times the governments lied to the public and everyone noticed. It's all documented everywhere. And there is the Internet with a vast amount of information, including the alternative information. That can be the alternative media, but they might obviously lie too, but we have the scientific papers, we have the encyclopedias, we have more trustable websites and blogs giving different information than the media and governments are reporting, we have certain social media and their discussion boards, we have live video sites, etc.

For example the vaccinations. Someone needs to go to any real online encyclopedia and read about history of the vaccination programs and the horror stories and the effectiveness, including the rules of development vaccinations. The public only needs to read about the companies, which produced the vaccinations throughout the history and how they caused death and destruction over several populations and the low effectiveness and a too few success stories. And they (those very same companies who caused so much trouble) suddenly claim that the new vaccine is safe? That the vaccine is based on "new technology"? Such information makes it even worse! Especially a vaccine, which is not tested! Think again.

And then we have the science. Many people using that word like it's a religion. They use the same tone as the religious people used the word God. That very science, who produces a certain research, which claims that X+1 is X1. The next week science is producing another research, which claims the opposite (x+1 is x-1. This happens whole the time.

And the science is misleading too. They claim that their vaccine is 90% efficient. But what they really mean is not what the public expects to hear. That 90% efficiency is in a laboratory environment. They carefully prepared an environment where they tested the vaccine. But how efficient it really is, they don't know, nobody knows. What are the side effects on medium and long term? They don't know. Can we go back to normal life after the vaccine? They don't know. Can vaccinated people get infected by the corona and can it infect others? They don't know.

I understand when a government and/or an authority must take certain risks. Risk managements they call that. They need to take a certain calculated risk in order to avoid certain disaster and that can be applied with vaccines and the pandemic. But is the risk too big? How is it calculated and what's the real reason for the vaccines without further required testing? There is no transparency in this process, is there a connection between the billions, maybe even trillions certain companies and industries can earn with the sales of the vaccines?

The trust is gone.

This article goes about what trust and why the public lost its trust in the governments, media, scientists and the vaccine.


Kevin Vallier’s new book, Trust in a Polarized Age, has a clear message: Trust matters. If we want to combat the increasing political divide into sharply opposing factions and political groups that is bane of our times, we need to tend to the institutions on which trust depends, and which themselves, in turn, depend on trust. By trust, Vallier means two things: Social trust, “that trust which each member of a society has that other members of her society will generally follow publicly recognized moral rules,” and political trust, that trust which each member of a society has that governmental institutions will follow fair procedures and produce positive results.” That social and political trust is very far away at the moment and becoming less by the day.

Trust in Media

At a time when Americans are relying heavily on the media for information about the coronavirus pandemic, the presidential election and other momentous events, the public remains largely distrustful of the mass media. Four in 10 U.S. adults say they have "a great deal" (9%) or "a fair amount" (31%) of trust and confidence in the media to report the news "fully, accurately, and fairly," while six in 10 have "not very much" trust (27%) or "none at all" (33%).

Gallup first asked this question in 1972 and has continued to do so nearly every year since 1997. Trust ranged between 68% and 72% in the 1970s, and though it had declined by the late 1990s, it remained at the majority level until 2004, when it dipped to 44%. After hitting 50% in 2005, it has not risen above 47%.

Trust in government

Trust in the US government has steadily declined over the last four decades, hitting an all-time low in recent years, according to a study by the Pew Research Center, which found that 83% of Americans don’t trust the government to do what’s right.

And do people in general trust science?

One obvious factor in scientists’ attitudes is the penchant some politicians from various parts of the world have for denigrating experts.

How much attention countries and governments have paid to expert advice

But there are other, less obvious, factors underlying how much attention countries and governments have paid to expert advice. A significant one is the level of inequality in the country. This graph maps the results from the Frontiers survey against levels of income inequality. Inequality is measured by the standard Gini coefficient, which runs from 0.0 (everyone has the same income) to 1.0 (one person has all of a country’s income).

Proportion of scientists saying government took scientific advice on COVID:

The line running through the diamonds is a trend line. It shows that, on average, trust in science declines as inequality increases. On average, an increase of one percentage point in inequality is associated with a decrease of 1.5 percentage points in listening to scientists.

The reason for the countries with great inequality is not less intelligence. No. The obvious reason is that those populations are living with a reality of daily life, inequality produces reality. They see and communicate with so many people who claim something. Call it the people with the build-in bullsh*t filter.

Trust and Vaccinations

Do we trust vaccines? Do we trust a not-tested vaccine? Do we trust those who are insisting that we need vaccinations? Where is the distrust of vaccines coming from is an article, explaining why. To summarize that article, we can use only one word: trust (or lack of trust and with good reasons).

There is almost no trust in the government. There is almost no trust in the science. Politicians are associated with evil. There is almost no trust in the media. Media is associated with propaganda. Those are the authorities, institutions and organizations who are strongly advising us to be vaccinated. And we know about the history of mismanagement of vaccinations, the number of people who died and got sick and became handicapped. All of that data is publicly available on the Internet in any encyclopedia.

And here we don't talk about any funny stories, fake news, no conspiracies, simple easy to check statements. Go to Google and ask the questions:

  1. "trust in governments"
  2. "trust in media"
  3. "trust in science"
  4. "trust in vaccines"

The results are astonishing, there are even articles from the media, which wonders why the public doesn't trust them, complete with polls and researches, statistics. But none of those articles mentions the reason why the public doesn't trust them.

Some scientists are making the situation even worse. In public, some lead scientists are lying about certain facts about the corona pandemic and immunization and later they admitted in public that they lied, because they wanted the public to accept more vaccinations. That shows how intelligent those scientists are, not? Who is so stupid to lie in public (everyone will discover the lies after a while) and later to admit to the fact that they have lied and manipulated the public with the purpose of selling more vaccines!?

And guess what? The mainstream media didn't publish this blatant misuse and illegal actions. They kept silent about it.

Trying to enforce vaccinations

Some governments are threaten their citizens with statements like "... without vaccination, there'll be no work for you ..." or "... without vaccinations you'll not receive any services of the state ...". It's true those are only statements (until now), but some authorities are already working on the "health passport". One government (Spain) is already announcing that they'll have a database with people who refused to be vaccinated, which they will share with other European countries, whatever that statement really means.

How more those governments are trying to enforce the vaccinations, how more trust they lose. The breaking point will come, there is no way to avoid that and the results will not be pretty.

Passive resistance

What's happening now all over the world is the passive resistance, especially for those countries with multiple lockdowns. For example in Israel the latest lockdown is a joke. From the 27th of December 2020 the country is in another lockdown. When you watch the streets in Israel at this very moment, you see and hear traffic everywhere, loads of people are on the streets and because of the partial lockdown of the schools, loads of young school children and their parents on the streets.

The police, who is charged in enforcing the closure is driving with their police cars through the cities and the highways. At certain key points they setup blockades and when they stop a car here and there, they ask some simple questions, which are easily answered like "... go to school ..." or "... go to the doctor ..." and the like. In the city itself the police cars are nicely driving between the traffic, no questions asked.

In the meantime everywhere you hear about secret parties, family and friends gatherings and having fun out of view of the incompetent authorities.

The Israelis themselves see the current lockdown, as well the previous one, as nothing to do with "medical" and/or "science",  but everything to do with "dirty politics". They don't trust this current (coalition) government for one penny.

How the media reports ...

Can you imagine a reporter, reporting the daily news like this:

"The crazy President Trump is again lying, claiming that America must close its borders with China".

Is that report objective? Why does the reporter not report the two sides objectively? Maybe the reason why the President closed the border with China and what is the position of China and what does that mean for trade and America itself and travel in general??

Or here is another one:

"The non-educated deplorables don't understand the complexity of governing ..."

This reporter is also not objective and even insulting.

Do you really think that the public is amused? The activists on both sides are amused and frustrated and even insulted, but what those so called journalists don't realize is that the general public takes notice. Do this too many times, the people don't trust the media anymore. It's obviously not the way how you report the news. This is the biggest reason why the public doesn't trust the media.

In Israel

In Israel, the government publishes some information about the corona pandemic. The government announces some numbers and voila. The Israeli media is a good soldier and they repeat the statements of the government, exactly as they are given, without double checking the data (which is publicly available).

All the media is doing that, without any exception.

For example the government (the health ministry) states that yesterday there were 4,267 new infections discovered. While the Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University reports that there were 2,632 cases reported by the Israeli government for that same day. And that didn't happen with that specific day, but every day before the Israeli government came up with the 'idea' and announcement of a next national shutdown. This is an obvious attempt to scare the Israeli population so their announcement would not meet (so much) resistance, which would threaten their political careers and their futures. They think "it's for the common good of the country to do what I say ... or else".

And do you think that the Israeli media is double checking the supplied data? No. Not one article is published, not one media outlet reported it differently.

In the US

In the rest of the world, the governments are not so crazy and they don't have an active censure (in definition) that you have in Israel, but they do it in other ways. In the US, institutions are reporting inflated corona numbers (with differences of thousands a day), which are promptly taken over by the Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. Blatant cases of people died because of traffic accidents are categorized as corona death.

Flu suddenly almost disappeared. Almost everyone with flu had corona, tested or not. The corona tests were manipulated locally on a massive scale, so that it produced much more false positives.

The media knew this, just like all those tens of thousands of people witnessed this happening, but the media simply published the worse case scenario.And while the media was silent, the social media exploded with the reports of those who were experiencing the falsification of the facts, the injustice of it all. The really strange thing here is that there was a loud noise about these practices and no authorities came to investigate any of the events.

Rest of the world

If you read the news in newspapers, TV and Internet, you read all about the sharp increased number of new infections in the US, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Then the news came about the new mutation of the coronavirus, which made infections 70% faster than the original. Even I was looking mildly alarmed ... until I collected the data from CSSE and discovered there was no alarming increase of new infections, according the raw data from the CSSE COVID-19 repository. It's worse, in many European countries, the rate of new infections went slightly down. Why the hell did they want to enforce a national shutdown, and that during Christmas?

The media was full of alarming news about the increase of the new infections. And nobody double checked the actual raw data from those infections for all countries in the world, which are fed by those same countries with the alarming news! The same as in Israel, none of the media took it upon itself and publish the differences and asked critical questions.

Do you still trust them?

Do you think that is a reason to trust the media? Do you really think that you can trust an institution or government as you can see with your own eyes that they all cheat? From the activists, the institutions, the hospitals, the scientists and the governments? I would not trust them for one penny and that penny is already too much.

How can you restore the trust?

  1. Remove the governments and vote something new in
  2. Transparency everywhere
  3. Laws, which force the media to publish the truth, or else
  4. The fight with the pandemic in public, every aspect, every document, everything what has to do with the pandemic on government level transmitted on public TV, 24 hours if needed
  5. Any advisory board about corona must be filled with not only medical experts, but with experts with the various disciplines. Science has only a medical role to play, no power over the population or country, like it has now

When a government is doing this, and the rule of law is back, and everyone breaking the law will be arrested, and the pandemic is managed and handled with full transparency, only than the trust will come back, but that takes some time.

Time of corruption and evil

This is the time of the global corruption of society, those people behind those deeds are responsible for suffering, destruction of values and morals, destruction of society and can really be called evil.

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