Where is the Flu?

Corona sniper

Did anyone wonder where the flu is? To see an example in NYC, where the flu admissions in hospitals are "suddenly" strongly reduced. The numbers really are unbelievable. It looks like that the medical authorities like to replace the flu cases with corona cases. It is a trend very visible everywhere. And raw data does not lie!

Flu admissions in hospitals in NYC
Flu admissions in hospitals in NYC

Other hospitals appear to have seen something similar.

ER-related flu visits
ER-related flu visits

Scientists feared the most vulnerable people might be infected with both viruses simultaneously, prompting deaths to explode. Instead, rates of confirmed flu cases have "suddenly" plummeted - not just this winter, but earlier in the spring as well (though some have posited that the overwhelming impact of the coronavirus may have had an impact) as coronavirus hammered the US, and particularly cities like NYC.

Flu cases in the US (and also in Europe, Australia and elsewhere) have fallen substantially since the beginning of the pandemic. The slump in the number of positive tests would seem to confirm that cases are down across the country.

The "lack" of flu 'cases' seems quite oddly coincident with the "surging wave" of COVID 'cases'. Here is the Forecast of flu this year and the next:

Forecast of flu
Forecast of flu

It looks like that people with flu are simple diagnosed or categorized with corona. Just like all those mortality cases who died because of various cases are all categorized with corona. And no, corona didn't destroy or kill the flu. The flu is still out there and many people are suffering from it, the author included.

The total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19.

Died because of heart attack, cancer, AIDS, traffic accident, food poisoning or simply dropped dead? All dead because of corona. Yeah, why not? Spiking up the corona cases would increase lockdowns, show President Trump as incompetent and win the elections. Not? And as a bonus, they would get rid of the small businesses, and restrict the populations and get and keep the power.

Johns Hopkins University’s student newspaper, the News-Letter, reported on a university presentation stating that COVID-19 “had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people” and that the virus “has also not increased the total number of deaths” in comparison to historical data. However, the paper later removed the article, stating that it had been used to support “dangerous inaccuracies” on social media.

Assistant Director for the university’s Applied Economics program Genevieve Briand critically analyzed the net effect of COVID-19 on deaths in the United States based on historical data. Using information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Briand identified the percentages of total deaths per age category both before and after the pandemic began.

All of this points to no evidence that COVID-19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary,” Briand concluded in her presentation. She told the News-Letter that “a decreased number of heart attacks and all the other death causes doesn’t give us a choice but to point to some misclassification.”

Paul Craig Roberts from the IPE expanded on all of this in a recent piece:

Is there no flu this year or is flu “the second wave of Covid?” Don’t expect any honest answer from health authorities. They have the fear running strong, so strong that people are submitting to needless lockdowns that are causing economic havoc to their lives and to mask mandates that do more harm than good.

What is it all about?

Is it simply about vaccine profits for Big Pharma?

Or is it about getting people accustomed to arbitrary orders unsupported by legislation? Isn’t what we are experiencing a takeover of our lives by the executive part of government?

Lockdown tango's?

And it's not only the inconsistencies in the flu data (disappeared, replaced with corona cases and the like), but there are strange cases about the reasons for the corona lockdowns all over the world. Looking at the latest corona cases in Europe and the US, there is no reasons for the lockdowns. In some countries the new corona infections went slightly down! They (governments, medical authorities and media are even lying about the corona infections! And they are very obvious in their attempts to increase the panic with new mutations of the coronavirus, which is really hard to believe, but they try! And all of that to manipulate the populations to get the untested corona vaccine and to find reasons for new lockdowns.

Countries like Israel are trying to get another approach of coona lockdowns. They simply implement a constant lockdown without end. They start the second lockdown and after that lockdown is implemented, they claim that they gradually release the lockdown (if the infections stay low). Obviously that will not happen, because lockdowns are ineffective. They claim that there is a third lockdown, but that is nothing else than an extension of the second one. And people really get sick of all those lockdowns.

And while we're talking about lockdowns, people get so sick of it. The passive resistance is dominating everywhere. Everywhere you see hidden parties popping up, the restrictions are massively broken, tricks are applied to stay free, hidden shops are working overtime.

And those lockdowns are not helping at all, because the real death in suicides are skyrocketing. So many people are dying because of suicide and so many more people are really consider it to get away of the pressure and the mental torture.

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