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You have weird mismatched meals, repeatedly three times a day cooked rice, stale crackers, and a can of peaches, and you’ve moved on to wondering what on earth you’re going to feed your kids in the middle of eviction notices for non-payment of rent, a shut-off notice for your utilities, and a repo notice for your car and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about any of those notices because there IS NO MONEY and you live in poverty.

“If you’ve never been this level of broke, I’m very glad.”

Daisy Luther wrote an excellent article about how to survive while you can’t pay any bills (here is her article).

it’s soul-destroying when the government imposes a lockdown on society, which makes it impossible to work. You might get an unemployment or not, maybe social welfare or not, maybe you have some savings or not. You simply don’t make enough money to survive in the world today. Being part of the being poor is incredibly frustrating and discouraging. It’s worse when you are a guest worker in a strange country, being “imprisoned” by a lockdown and no way to return home.

It is a sickening feeling when you’re just barely hanging in there and suddenly, an unexpected expense pops up and reduces your almost not existing money in your budget without any end in sight. If you’re unlucky to live in an area, where the authorities love to close everything down because of an explosion of new infections three hundred miles away, and they keep the closures up for months and month without any light in the tunnel, you are in a mountain of trouble.

As economies in the world are crumbling, we see this situation only becoming worse and more and more people experience the feeling to be ultra poor. It is obvious that we are in a slow financial collapse. The crushing poverty is like the projected corona infection cases, it goes only up without the end in sight.

As the article of Daisy Luther is suggesting about getting several months of respite in getting evicted or live without electricity, gas and water, depending on food banks, this period will end. It always does. It gets better. Probably.

And for those who are on this path, please consider remote working as a good way to get you out of this situation. Remote work means first that you need to invest in time and effort to make it working, but it’s the only thing I can advise you in this situation. Look at the remote work database. Any question, ask me at the contact page or add a message down here or WhatsApp me.

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