Will this be the end of the US Republicans?

Republicans and Democrats in the US

Stories in the mainstream and social media about a now powerless Trump are stupidly wrong. In the contrary, he can unleash a political tsunami on the (social) media, deep state and the political landscape in America. He also holds the power to decide what is going to happen with the Republican party. Based on his choice, will there be any Republican Senators left?

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It's too early to celebrate the election victory for the Democrats, the mainstream - and social media, the elites and the Washington political base. It is even worse for the Republicans, because their future as political party and their jobs as Senators are on the line. There is a lot of pent-up energy from the tens of millions of disgruntled voters out there in the country and there is at the moment nobody to redirect it. That's a dangerous situation.

All of this depends on what outgoing President Trump is going to decide the coming days.

If Trump wants to leave the White House quietly and leave politics, the Republicans will be confronted with a very angry voters base. The suppressed energy of the deeply dissatisfied and frustrated tens of millions needs to be released somewhere and there is nobody who can redirect that! That's a very dangerous situation and anything can happen with that.

But if Trump announces a third political party, he will take most (if not all) of the Republican voters with him. And that means almost all of the Republican Senators enjoy their last term. If that is the case, the next two years we will witness such political storm. It will be the end of the Republicans as we know it and that old man's party will be replaced by a God's abiding nationalist freedom party, where fraud is a sin and freedom is a bless.

This has also an impact on the social media, because about half of the US users in Twitter and Facebook will move to the social media supported by the conservatives, like Parler. Twitter will not survive the loss of tens of millions of its users. And God forbid, what will happen when they come into political power?

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  1. If 2020 was a chaotical year, it will be nothing compared with what is coming in 2021.

    Whatever your political preference you have, it doesn’t matter. When one part of the country is having serious problems with the elections and you suppress that, it is asking for trouble and civil unrest.

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