Remote Work, the Summary

Remote work

The four types of remote work

I've published here several articles about remote work, but I didn't put everything together and get things in the right perspective for those looking for remote work, or learning it, or looking for short, medium or steady work or those who love their freedom while getting a stable income. Well here it is:

You can divide the remote work into five types:

  1. For those, who are new about remote work or they want to think about it.
  2. Those, who are looking for short assignments in remote work. This is great for those trying to earn some money. There are special websites for those people, who receive work assignments a day.
  3. The second type are the so called freelance jobs (in remote work). Those people receive assignments and a deadline. They do the work at their own time and resources and must submit the complete work at the deadline.
  4. The third type are the steady jobs, which means that you login a network in the morning for work and you are finished eight or nine hours later. That's exactly the same as a conventional job, except you work at your home or your location you choose.
  5. You create your own work by starting a website, a blog, a virtual shop and the like. That means some (small financial investment), and an enormous investment in learning, time and efforts to get the website, blog and shop up and running and receiving visitors (website traffic) and/or customers (for the shop).

Type zero - prepare for remote work

Type one - short assignments in remote work

Type two - Freelance jobs in remote work

Type three - Steady jobs in remote work

Type four - Create your own work



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