With this speed, the world completes the vaccination in 29 years

Vaccination COVID-19

Congratulations world, job well done, it will take you almost 29 years to complete vaccinating the world at this speed

Really, I really need to 'congratulate' the world and all of its governments with the 'competence' concerning the vaccination against the COVID-19 virus, which will be completed on Sunday, 15th of August 2049. The vaccination campaign will take 10,480 days or 28.7 years to finish. It's the height of human incompetence, never shown in the history of mankind ever. It's also very hard to beat this.

If this doesn't change, it means that humankind has the 'pleasure' to wear masks, keep social distancing and enjoy the pleasures of the national closures amid vaccinations for almost 29 years. I suggest to research ways to get the masks permanently attached to any human on the planet.

I understand that the speed of the vaccinations will go up in the future (I hope and assume so). But as we will see, many governments are not in a hurry to start massive vaccination programs.

Many news media and governments in the world are claiming that populations are hesitant and/or unwillingly to be vaccinated. That's a wrong thing to say. It's better to state that governments all over the world are hesitant to start the vaccination programs for their populations, as we can see based on the numbers. I would say first start to vaccinate the people willingly to be vaccinated and to worry about the rest later.

I suspect it's a question of money.

Worldwide crisis

I would say that we're in a World War, fighting a pandemic. We can call it WW C. And it's true. In order to get rid of the pandemic, we need to work all together, each country in the world, if they like it or not. Because if they don't, the pandemic will not finish and continues to ravish the world, time after time.

How longer the pandemic will last, how more the coronavirus will mutate. The risk that there will be a real deadly mutation appear becomes greater each day that there is a delay to vaccinate the world population.

Talking about the mutations. It's also a question of time that there will be a mutation of the coronavirus, which isn't covered in the current available vaccinations. In that case, the whole vaccination campaign will start from scratch.

The Spanish Flu pandemic (with about 500 million infections and 100 million death in two years) will be child's game compared with such mutations spreading around the world.

Which countries are too slow with the vaccination campaign

Countries like India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan and Ukraine are taking it easy to start the vaccine campaign for their populations. They seem to be in no hurry to start. For example, South Africa will start their vaccination campaign in June 2021. It's obvious the issue of money, but the UN has also time enough. They don't see the hurry to finance third world countries. Maybe they can get their new friend President Elect Biden to pay for them.

Country Population Date start vaccine programs Date protection kicks in Days of  vaccination program
South Africa 57,780,000 01/06/21 Tue 15/06/21 Tue  -139
Pakistan 220,892,340 01/04/21 Thu 15/04/21 Thu  -78
Taiwan 23,816,775 01/03/21 Mon 15/03/21 Mon  -47
Japan 126,476,461 01/02/21 Mon 15/02/21 Mon  -19
Malaysia 32,365,999 01/02/21 Mon 15/02/21 Mon  -19
South Korea 51,269,185 01/02/21 Mon 15/02/21 Mon  -19
Ukraine 43,733,762 01/02/21 Mon 15/02/21 Mon  -19
India 1,380,004,385 16/01/21 Sat 30/01/21 Sat  -3
Indonesia 273,523,615 13/01/21 Wed 27/01/21 Wed  -0


Country Population Date start vaccine programs Date protection kicks in Days of  vaccination program
Worldwide 7,819,071,233 05/12/20 Sat 19/12/20 Sat  39

Worldwide, we are at the start of the vaccine campaign, kicked off at the fifth of December 2020 (Russia started at that date) and it's in its 39th day.

The rest of the countries

Country Date start vaccine programs Days of  vaccination program Number of vaccinations Vaccinations per day Date complete Part population vaccinated
Argentina 28/12/20 Mon  16  107,542  6,748 30/04/39 Sat 0.24%
Austria 27/12/20 Sun  17  38,545  2,276 28/10/31 Tue 0.43%
Canada 14/12/20 Mon  30  329,774  11,016 02/05/30 Thu 0.87%
China 15/12/20 Tue  29  9,000,000  311,034 16/08/33 Tue 0.63%
Czechia 27/12/20 Sun  17  40,000  2,362 27/05/33 Fri 0.37%
Denmark 27/12/20 Sun  17  115,932  6,845 22/04/23 Sat 2.00%
Finland 27/12/20 Sun  17  14,196  838 01/02/39 Tue 0.26%
France 21/12/20 Mon  23  138,351  6,032 07/08/50 Sun 0.21%
Germany 26/12/20 Sat  18  613,347  34,197 11/09/27 Sat 0.73%
Greece 27/12/20 Sun  17  49,465  2,921 04/10/30 Fri 0.47%
India 16/01/21 Sat  -3  Scheduled/delayed
Indonesia 13/01/21 Wed  -0  Scheduled/delayed
Ireland 29/12/20 Tue  15  15,000  1,004 15/06/34 Thu 0.30%
Israel 20/12/20 Sun  24  1,870,652  78,153 12/04/21 Mon 21.06%
Italy 27/12/20 Sun  17  643,219  37,980 06/05/25 Tue 1.06%
Japan 01/02/21 Mon  -19  Scheduled/delayed
Luxembourg 28/12/20 Mon  16  1,200  75 01/10/43 Thu 0.19%
Malaysia 01/02/21 Mon  -19  Scheduled/delayed
Mexico 24/12/20 Thu  20  81,300  4,078 17/07/07 Sun 0.06%
Netherlands 06/01/21 Wed  7  31,000  4,470 06/07/31 Sun 0.18%
Norway 27/12/20 Sun  17  20,833  1,230 20/01/33 Thu 0.38%
Pakistan 01/04/21 Thu  -78  Scheduled/delayed
Philippines 01/02/21 Mon  -19  Scheduled/delayed
Poland 27/12/20 Sun  17  203,053  11,990 18/08/29 Sat 0.54%
Portugal 28/12/20 Mon  16  74,099  4,650 29/12/26 Tue 0.73%
Russia 05/12/20 Sat  39  1,500,000  38,525 20/04/31 Sun 1.03%
South Korea 01/02/21 Mon  -19 Scheduled/delayed
South Africa 01/06/21 Tue  -139 Scheduled/delayed
Spain 28/12/20 Mon  16  406,091  25,483 05/01/26 Mon 0.87%
Sweden 27/12/20 Sun  17  Unknown
Switzerland 23/12/20 Wed  21  Unknown
Taiwan 01/03/21 Mon  -47  Scheduled/delayed
UAE 14/12/20 Mon  30  1,167,251  38,992 18/08/21 Wed 12.12%
Ukraine 01/02/21 Mon  -19  Scheduled/delayed
United Kingdom 16/12/20 Wed  28  2,675,289  95,766 24/11/22 Thu 3.94%
United States 14/12/20 Mon  30  9,268,879  309,626 19/11/23 Sun 2.80%
Total 05/12/20 Sat  39  29,000,000  744,817 01/09/49 Wed 0.37%

In the spreadsheet you can find  the full details.


While the world is sinking in a cloud of incompetence, inflighting and being cheap, you can support me by buying something from the shop.♥♥♥♥

Download the (raw) data and spreadsheet

For those not trusting my statements and want to double check the validity, here you can double check the facts.

I've packaged everything in a zip (compressed) file and you can download the file here.

  • The raw data originates from the Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.  The datafiles are included in the zip file.
  • The data about the state of vaccinations are partly from news media (particular the date when the vaccinations started) and the Bloomberg vaccination tracker. The data is integrated in the spreadsheet, which is located in the zip file (populations tab).
  • If prefer not to rely on the news sources from the national governments in the news media, because many times they do not match with the raw data from the CSSE.

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