This doesn’t look good for the world

The power vacuum, which is left behind by President Trump, who is isolated and leaving the office soon is hard to fill. It’s highly unlikely that the upcoming president Biden will fill that gap and the world agrees with me.

The world becomes a very dangerous place! If you think that 2020 will be bad, think again, the year 2021 will be much worse.

On January 8, ISIS terrorists launched a large attack on government forces in the eastern countryside of Hama, Syria. After a series of clashes with the Syrian Army and pro-government militias, terrorists captured a number of positions near the towns of Rahjan and al-Shakhsiyah. ISIS cells destroyed pickups of the al-Quds Brigade, a Palestinian pro-government group, with an improvised explosive device. 44 fighters died. The ISIS is on its way to do their destructive work again. And with Trump out of the way, they become bold.

Iranian-backed forces continue their work to expand the Imam Ali Base near al-Bukamal. The base, operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is allegedly designed store precision-guided missiles in a network of underground tunnels in the area. January 9 also became the first day of 2021 when the Russian Forces carried out strikes on terrorist targets in Greater Idlib. A day earlier, forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham shelled Syrian Army positions in northern Lattakia injuring several soldiers.

These developments coincided with some strikes bombed Turkish-linked oil smugglers in northern Aleppo. This time the infrastructure of the smugglers was destroyed near the village of Tarhin. January 9, three supply convoys of the US-led coalition became targets of IED attacks in the central and southern regions of the country.

Tehran revealed its new helicopter carrier – the Makran, as well as a brand-new missile launching warship – the Zereh. Iran continues amassing forces along its sea border in the Persian Gulf and is tightening its grip on the Strait of Hormuz. US Satellite imagery has revealed an increase in activity by IRGC vessels in the Strait of Hormuz. In just the first days of the year, Iran carried out a large-scale drone drill, showcasing loitering munitions and more, closely followed by a naval exercise. The elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps revealed their own underground missile base near the Persian Gulf.

Iran positing new UAV weapon systems (advanced drones) in Yemen with the range to reach Israel. The US is pulling their navy close to Iran, Israel making plans what to do with Iran after Trump leaves office, positioning its submarines as the nuclear second strike force. The need of the new incoming US president to have an agreement with Iran, which enables Iran to have nuclear weapons in a few years, which will trigger a nuclear weapons race in the Middle East.

Military forces in the Middle East are all on high alert of what is very likely to become … war!

In Northern Europe armies are pulling together near the borders. In the Middle East, Russian navy and troops are massing together. In the Indian ocean the Chinese navy is building up their fleets, close to the American fleets. At the borders of India and Pakistan the military tension is already ultra high, but India has also high tensions with the border of China. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are grouped together ready to engage if needed.

North Korea has already announced that they are going to produce more powerful nuclear weapons. Trump is gone, so the fear of the US is gone. Russia is grinning and China is happily smiling It would make things so much easier.

It takes one spark to inflame the world in war on multiple fronts. The lives of millions of people are at stake.

So far the Middle and Far East.

A nation on the verge of implosion!

The US is set to implode. A violent mob. A nation on the brink of martial law. A populace under house arrest and isolated. A techno-corporate state wielding its power to immobilize huge swaths of the country and a witch hunt is organized to document and potentially threaten tens of million Americans. An unparalleled horrifying action against a sitting President. The unhindered breaking of federal laws without retribution, ignoring constitution and legislation. And a Constitution in tatters. The US is imploding on multiple fronts, all at once. This is what happens when ego, greed and power are allowed to take precedence over liberty, equality and justice.

There can be no freedom of speech if (social) media giants can muzzle whomever they want, whenever they want, on whatever pretext they want in the absence of any real due process, review or appeal. As Edward Snowden warned that the social media ban (and isolation) on President Trump signaled a turning point in the battle for control over digital speech. And that is exactly what is playing out as its users, including those who have no ties to the Capitol riots, begin to experience lock outs, suspensions and even deletions of their social media accounts, because they believe in things then the media giants.

Remember, the First Amendment is working like a steam valve. It function like a stress release. It allows people to peacefully or emotionally air viewpoints, vent frustrations, debate and disagree, and generally work through the problems of self-governance. Without that safety mechanism in place, self-censorship increases, discontent festers, stir troubled brews, and violence becomes the default response for resolving disputes, whether with the government or each other or both.

Unfortunately, digital censorship is just the beginning. Once you start using social media scores coupled with surveillance capitalism to determine who is worthy enough to be part of society, anything goes. In China, which has been traveling this road for years now, millions of individuals and businesses, blacklisted as “unworthy” based on social media credit scores that grade them based on whether they are “good” citizens, have been banned from accessing financial markets, buying real estate or travelling by air or train. A good example is the introduction of the vaccination passport by the various governments.

Violence, cruelty, meanness, immorality, ignorance, hatred, intolerance and injustice have become the “proud” badge of our modern age, amplified by a medium where beliefs are amplified of vile tweets and government-sanctioned brutality. In 2020, big parts of the US armed themselves in absolute record numbers, “just in case that”.

The shocking actions are a precedent of what can happen with almost any leader or government of any country in the world by the American techno-corporate state if they really choose to do so, because they have that power to immobilize leaders, governments and even parts of almost any country.

What happens in the US is not a revolution, but a ticking time bomb for the US … and beyond.

The pandemic and the vaccination hell

It’s already bad that the pandemic is raging through the world and it only grows rapidly worldwide. The vaccination campaign is running in some serious problems for the direct future. And the problem are twofold.

  1. The speed of the vaccination process in many countries is extremely slow. With the current speed, the international effort to vaccinate the world will take almost 27 years! The speed is expected to go up, but how fast nobody knows.
    1. An example. Let’s say that the world is able to vaccinate one million people per day. That’s unprecedented and an enormous effort. But that means 21 years before they are complete.
    2. Or let’s see it from the other side. If the world wants its total population vaccinated in one year, it needs to vaccinate 21,422,113 people per day. Ha, ha. I would say dream on.
    3. And if you think as a nationalist, you think like this: “my country is vaccinated, everything will be alright and who cares about the world” You are really wrong. It only takes one infected person to infect your population again (, especially with a mutated version of the coronavirus). A nation can’t live without other nations. No, the pandemic is global and it needs to be fought global. There is no other way.
    4. And I’m not talking about the countries not willingly/able to pay for it, wealthy countries buying all the vaccines up, more than they ever need. I’m also not talking about the massive amount of hundreds of thousands of doctors and nurses needed to vaccinate everyone. And there are so many other problems, which needs to be addressed for this giant undertaken. And with the global unrest looming over the horizon, that will hinder the effort or might make it impossible.
    5. There is no plan on the table how the UN or WHO (or whoever) will vaccinate the (rest of the) world (those will be billions of people) . One thing is for sure, it will cost billions, maybe even trillions of dollars to accomplish that.
  2. The fear of new virus mutations is real. How longer the pandemic last, how higher the change that there will be multiple versions of a mutated coronavirus appear, which are not covered by any of the vaccines out there.
    1. The scientists claim that’s not a big deal to ‘tweak’ the vaccine, but to revaccinate the world population again is a very serious problem.
    2. The corona pandemic is not a deadly pandemic. But it only needs to have a new mutated version of the coronavirus to make it deadly, similar as the Spanish Flu or worse.
    3. How longer the pandemic spreads throughout the world, how more mutations appear (there are already thousands of mutations), how higher the change that  the coronavirus rends the vaccines useless and/or becomes deadly.

The situation with the pandemic is a ticking time bomb.

Finally …

If we combine the military tensions everywhere, the military forces moving to the borders, the navies readying themselves in the oceans, the pandemic ravaging the world, the US imploding and the almost impossible task to vaccinate the world, you would say that the situation doesn’t look good. And you’re right. It doesn’t look good. But it becomes worse.

And what makes it worse is that the trust in governments, media, science and institutions were never as low as it is today and with reason. Even in a proud country like Israel that trust is as low as it ever was.

With the constant closures, the world’s economies being destroyed, livelihood of people disappearing, jobs are gone, moneyless, forced in poverty, depressed, losing everything. And they watch in real-time lying and scheming scientists trying to be politicians, corrupt governments and its institutions, dishonest media reduced to propaganda machines, biased, restrictive and selective social media.

While that is all going as it is, they are confronted with the failed attempts of governments handling the pandemic, advised by failed, foolish scientists who are using lies to force the populations to do their bidding. They witness the politicians weaponizing the pandemic to misuse it for their gain, the overblown corona statistics. And populations are forced to take untested vaccines, which might or might not work as expected, nevermind the possible side effects. And now those unreliable governments, scientists and institutions are playing their spiel and start to feed the populations with the next phase of oppression by talking about mutations, which might render the new vaccines useless, or higher infection rates.

The governments all over the world gambled heavily on the presence and use of the vaccine to defeat the pandemic, and they try to promote an unrealistic vaccination campaign, which suppose to vaccinate the whole world in a short time. They lie and promises the return to the old life this year. And above that all, they try to reduce the personal freedom of their citizens by introducing the vaccination passports. People without those passports will lose their basic rights.

There will be a time coming that Democrats wish they still have a strong man like Trump in power.

This all doesn’t happen in the US, or Europe or Africa or Asia, it happens all over the world. It’s a ticking time bomb going off any moment.

And together with the civil unrest in the US (the once powercenter of the world), the heightened military tensions, the pandemic, crashed economies, looming economic depressions, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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