The looming danger of the rapidly spreading pandemic: mutations


How longer the pandemic exists, how more mutations will take place. Why?

When a host cell is infected (penetrated) by the coronavirus, the virus duplicates itself in about 12 hours (with the help of the host cell). The new virus particles duplicate itself again the next cycle. With one virus particle, you will have 2, 4, 16, 256, 65536, 4294967296, etc. virus particles. When there is no place in the cell for so many virus particles, they will be booted out of the cell and the host, and those will be used to infect other hosts, like you and I.

Like with all types of life, it multiplies. The birds do it with an egg, humans with a baby, and viruses doing it by duplicating themselves with the help of a cell they have penetrated. That's the fact of life. The multiplication process with humans are about nine months, the multiplication process for a virus is a couple of hours. But a human is also millions of times larger than a virus.

Another fact is that sometimes an "accident" happens with a multiplication process. That is a normal process in nature and is required to evolve as species. Without these "accidents", we would never have evolved from one cell organisms. With humans we can witness this when we see for example enlargement of the brain volume over the thousands of years, or the size of our larger bodies, less hair grow, etc. The same with viruses, it mutates too (or as the scientists call it) small changes in the genome (all genetic material of an organism or its DNA).

While the world had 94.5 million infections until now (Sat. January 16, 2021) during more than a year, the coronavirus had been thousands of times mutated. Or there were thousands of small changes in the virus genome.

Many of those changes made the virus particle weak, and when it duplicated, it didn't dominate. Some of those changes made the virus particle strong, and when it duplicated, it did dominate the other virus particles. For example the UK mutated coronavirus is dominant and causes an influx of more infections in the UK, and big parts of the world as well. Another example is the South African mutation, which is said to have a bigger resistance against the existing vaccines. Scientists are still investigating that.

How longer the pandemic exists, how more mutations will take place. That is a given. The chance that a coronavirus might mutate to a deadly variant becomes bigger each day. It is simply the question of time. Such mutation can appear in a hour from now, a day, week, month, year ... but it will come.

It is like staring at a mountain with a huge snowball on top of it. We are all down looking up at the snowball, cursing at Trump. Any moment the wind will push the snowball downward on our stupid heads. And the people who are responsible in warning us about it, (mainstream media) are silent about this real threat.

For the latest information about vaccinations, click on this link: The Vaccination Database.

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