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This update is a bit (an understatement) different. It is based on the number of people of a nation and the number of people, who are suppose to be immune (after being infected and/or because of the vaccination). This percentage is set for 60% (of the population). In the spreadsheet you can download at the end of this article, you can change this percentage to any value you like and it recalculate all values.

For your information, at the end of the article you can also see why I’m cautiously optimistic that the vaccine finally starts to work. Click here for the first article about the same subject.

Herd immunity

The world population counts about 7,839,818,796 people and 60% of those are about 4,703,891,278. With other words, when worldwide 4.7 billion people are immune against the coronavirus, the pandemic will slowly end.

Be aware, that is the theoretical approach of the herd immunity. It has a bigger chance of success when the herd immunity (people who are already immune) spread even over the world!

The vaccination program continues at a slow space, but there are some changes compared with the previous time. Globally, the speed of the vaccinations goes too slow, as usual. About 0.56% of the world population is already vaccinated. The part of the population needed for the herd immunity, 0.94% is vaccinated. That percentage suppose to be 7,5% of the world population. The world is behind with 6.56%!

Some improvement and hoarding vaccines

There is some improvement, but that is mainly based on a limited number of countries. First of all, some countries, especially the western ones, are hoarding the vaccines, and much more than they really need for their populations.  There is not enough vaccines available for the rest of the world. Also, the countries without resources can’t get the vaccines.

Such policy is extremely stupid, because the “rich” countries need to have every country on earth vaccinated as well, otherwise nobody reach the herd immunity and everything is for nothing. It is like suicide because of stupidity. This behavior and policy is extremely stupid and short sighted.

We are in a campaign with a tight timeline. We are already in trouble with the slow performance, but now some countries are trying to sabotage the whole campaign by hoarding the vaccines for themselves, even when they don’t need them. They have more vaccines than they have population.

Which countries are vaccinating their populations?

  1. Austria with 103K vaccinations, about 71% behind schedule, 1.90% of the population (herd immunity range), 4K vaccinations per day.
  2. Belgium, with about 100K vaccinations, about 77% behind schedule, 1.44% of the population (herd immunity range), 4K vaccinations per day.
  3. Canada, with about 592K vaccinations, about 74% behind schedule, 2.61% of the population (herd immunity range), 16K vaccinations per day.
  4. Denmark, with about 170K vaccinations, about 25% behind schedule, 4.89% of the population (herd immunity range), 7K vaccinations per day.
  5. Finland, with about 55K vaccinations, about 75% behind schedule, 1.64% of the population (herd immunity range), 2K vaccinations per day.
  6. France, with about 480K vaccinations, about 85% behind schedule, 1.23% of the population (herd immunity range), 16K vaccinations per day.
  7. Germany, with about 1.146K vaccinations, about 66% behind schedule, 2.28% of the population (herd immunity range), 46K vaccinations per day.
  8. Greece, with about 85K vaccinations, about 79% behind schedule, 1.36% of the population (herd immunity range), 36K vaccinations per day.
  9. India, with about 381K vaccinations, about 95% behind schedule, 0.05% of the population (herd immunity range), 102K vaccinations per day.
  10. Israel, with about 2.581K vaccinations, about 575% over schedule, 48.43% of the population (herd immunity range), 84K vaccinations per day.
  11. Mexico, with about 472K vaccinations, about 12% behind schedule, 0.61% of the population (herd immunity range), 18K vaccinations per day.
  12. Poland, with about 469K vaccinations, about 68% behind schedule, 2.07% of the population (herd immunity range), 20K vaccinations per day.
  13. Spain, with about 878K vaccinations, about 49% behind schedule, 3.20% of the population (herd immunity range), 39K vaccinations per day.
  14. UAE, with about 2 million vaccinations, about 339% over schedule, 34.12% of the population (herd immunity range), 54K vaccinations per day.
  15. UK, with about 4.5 million vaccinations, about 116.4% over schedule, 11.08% of the population (herd immunity range), 130K vaccinations per day
  16. US, with about 14.7 million vaccinations, about 26% behind schedule, 7.43% of the population (herd immunity range), 400K vaccinations per day.

What countries delay their vaccinations?

Argentina, China, Czechia, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and Sweden are delaying the vaccinations for some reason. It might be that they did do the vaccinations, but they didn’t update their statistics, maybe not.


Vaccination performance

Country Date update Number of vaccinations Vaccinations per day On schedule Date complete Part population vaccinated
Argentina 2021/01/15 Fri 200,759  8,814  11.9% 2029/05/31 Thu 0.74%
Austria 2021/01/18 Mon 102,790  4,323  29.2% 2024/05/30 Thu 1.90%
Belgium 2021/01/18 Mon 100,443  4,410  23.1% 2025/04/22 Tue 1.44%
Canada 2021/01/18 Mon 591,025  16,070  25.9% 2024/10/23 Wed 2.61%
China 2021/01/17 Sun 10,000,000  279,504  12.2% 2029/02/23 Fri 1.20%
Czechia 2021/01/15 Fri 108,239  4,552  25.9% 2024/11/07 Thu 1.68%
Denmark 2021/01/18 Mon 170,012  7,150  75.1% 2022/04/27 Wed 4.89%
Finland 2021/01/18 Mon 54,568  2,295  25.2% 2024/12/14 Sat 1.64%
France 2021/01/18 Mon 479,873  16,115  15.0% 2027/08/17 Tue 1.23%
Germany 2021/01/18 Mon 1,145,878  46,246  33.6% 2023/12/18 Mon 2.28%
Greece 2021/01/18 Mon 85,223  3,584  20.9% 2025/10/06 Mon 1.36%
Iceland 2021/01/14 Thu 5,517  253  45.2% 2023/03/17 Fri 2.69%
India 2021/01/18 Mon 381,305  100,937  4.6% 2042/08/12 Tue 0.05%
Indonesia 2021/01/13 Wed 21  3  0.0%   0.00%
Ireland 2021/01/13 Wed 77,303  3,550  43.7% 2023/04/12 Wed 2.61%
Israel 2021/01/18 Mon 2,581,487  83,875  574.3% 2021/02/21 Sun 48.43%
Italy 2021/01/18 Mon 1,167,023  49,081  49.4% 2023/01/05 Thu 3.22%
Luxembourg 2021/01/13 Wed 2,372  104  10.1% 2030/11/12 Tue 0.63%
Mexico 2021/01/18 Mon 472,142  17,632  8.3% 2032/12/25 Sat 0.61%
Netherlands 2021/01/15 Fri 40,000  2,903  10.3% 2030/09/17 Tue 0.39%
Norway 2021/01/15 Fri 42,003  1,766  19.8% 2026/01/11 Sun 1.29%
Poland 2021/01/18 Mon 469,466  19,744  31.7% 2024/02/20 Tue 2.07%
Portugal 2021/01/15 Fri 106,000  4,654  27.8% 2024/08/03 Sat 1.73%
Russia 2021/01/11 Mon 1,500,000  32,767  14.0% 2028/01/28 Fri 1.75%
Singapore 2021/01/13 Wed 6,200  298  3.1% 2053/03/15 Sat 0.18%
Spain 2021/01/18 Mon 897,942  39,422  51.3% 2022/12/09 Fri 3.20%
Sweden 2021/01/13 Wed 79,466  3,342  20.1% 2025/12/14 Sun 1.31%
UAE 2021/01/18 Mon 1,971,521  53,607  338.6% 2021/03/31 Wed 34.12%
United Kingdom 2021/01/18 Mon 4,514,802  129,819  116.3% 2021/10/25 Mon 11.08%
United States 2021/01/18 Mon 14,707,184  399,895  73.7% 2022/04/22 Fri 7.43%
Total 2021/01/18 Mon 44,065,897  962,607  7.5% 2053/03/15 Sat 0.94%

Do we see the vaccines already working?

Well … maybe. 

The reason why I’m so anxiously looking for signs that the new infections are going down (and/or the death rate goes down and/or the serious cases goes down) is that during the clinical trials, the effects of the vaccine started already to show … statistically. Or better, by simply counting.

But that was during the clinical trials, who knows what they did during that time. But this is the real thing! Let’s take out guinea pig country Israel. I’m carefully optimistic. Look for yourself.

Infections from 22/3/2020 until 18/1/2021

We see, if you look carefully, that the last three days (and I peeked at today) the infections went down. The same with the mortalities. The result of the decrease might be the effect of the shutdown, it might be another reason, but hopefully it is the first sign that the vaccines do have an impact, finally. And don’t forget, that in Israel, 48.43% (from the part of the population for herd immunity) is vaccinated. Over the total Israeli population, 29,06% is vaccinated.

And finally something about dirty politics. If you would read the Israeli newspapers and listen to the Israeli news, the Israeli government is reporting an alarming increase of the number of infections, reaching the 9K per day! The truth is that 6,560 new infections took place at Monday, the 18th of January 2021. But this is normal behavior, because the Prime Minister wants to continue with the closure, because his day before court is approaching and he wants to have this postponed again, just like with the shutdown number 1, 2 and 3 or 4.


The data can be downloaded here. The download is one file, which is a zip-file (compressed) file. It contains the CSV-files and the Excel spreadsheet with the analysis and the data about the vaccinations, which I used to write this article.

The Vaccination tracker of Bloomberg can be found here.

I’m in a bit of a creep mood, and of course sarcastical too today, so here is my favorite collection of books. 

Creepy, weird, dark and macabre books

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