Sorry, but still no effects of the glorious vaccines

Mortality Israel January 2021

Israel is the world leader for its vaccines-program with its almost 3 million vaccinations and 33% of the normal population vaccinated or 55% of the population vaccinated to reach herd immunity. Yeah, how cool is that? I used Israel to see if the vaccine would have already some noticeable effects for that reason and when I started to monitor it, the number of new infections and mortality went down (except the small hiccups here and there) for four days.

13/01 Wed 14/01 Thu 15/01 Fri 16/01 Sat 17/01 Sun 18/01 Mon 19/01 Tue
 9,997   9,754  5,235  8,450  8,190  6,560  7,380 

That is, until the 20th of this month. See yourself the dreadful corona situation in Israel.

13/01 Wed 14/01 Thu 15/01 Fri 16/01 Sat 17/01 Sun 18/01 Mon 19/01 Tue 20/01 Wed
 9,997  9,754  5,235  8,450  8,190  6,560  7,380  10,213 

Crocodile tears, I'm sure. But the problem is that instead I hoped that the trend continued with less infections, it went dramatically up. Look at the charts:

Israel Infections from 23 February 2020 till 20 January 2021

Israel Infections from 23 February 2020 till 20 January 2021

Infections Israel January 2021

Infections Israel January 2021

Mortality Israel January 2021

Mortality Israel January 2021

Mortality Israel January 2021

Mortality Israel January 2021

Lockdown blues

Well, there goes the whole downward-trend-because-of-vaccine story down the drain. But now the question remains is why Israel still sees such drastic rise in mortalities and infections? It is already 128 days in the second, 25 days in the third and 14 days in the fourth lockdown!!! And all of that together. Not for nothing Israel is the world leader! A world leader in vaccinations and lockdowns. They even managed to invent their own version of the lockdowns. Just like we have the UK- and South-Africa coronavirus variants, we also have the Israeli lockdown variant.

Lockdowns are interesting things. What is a lockdown? To explain it in plain English (or Dutch-English language variant if you please), a lockdown is something, which starts, locks everything down and ends, releases everything. Except for the Israeli-variant, that is a new one.

That one starts, locks everything and keeps going (... locked and so). An Israeli lockdown has also Israeli Prime Minister attached to it, which is the trigger to start one. The trigger is the looming (wonderful) day-before-the-court for the Israeli Prime Minister. The poor man wants to avoid that, so ... we have another lockdown.

And there is another thing about lockdowns. Every time when there is a national lockdown, it starts with the date, than a strong increase of new infections, which goes down slowly until a threshold is reached (i.e. thousand new infections a day and the like). The Israeli variant also adds a gradual release period of the lockdown in broad steps, which in practice means that big parts of Israeli society are in lockdown without an end in sight. That is the reason why we are still in lockdown number two (it never ended from September 15, 2020 until now).

The first Israeli lockdown had its peak in infections 34 days after the start of the lockdown. The second lockdown had also its peak in infections after 34 days. That means that the third lockdown will have its peak at the end of January (January 30, 2021). The fourth lockdown will have its peak at the 10th of February 2021.

With the same logic with the possible end of the lockdown, the current lockdown (the third) will end at 17 February 2021. The fourth lockdown ends at 28 February 2021. That also means to add some three or four months to the gradual-release-phase. Meaning, the Israelis can be free of lockdowns in April or May 2021. Funny, in those periods Israel has a day-for-court for Netanyahu and elections, which will likely be postponed (because Netanyahu needs more time to keep in power).

And for the international readers (non-Israelis), don't laugh, because most governments are watching and learning from what is going on in Israel about the corona-management and vaccination program. And before you know it, those leaders might consider a Chinese-, Californian-, Biden- or Israeli variant of a lockdown. In that case, keep your grandmother locked up in the basement to protect her from the foolish politicians.

The new US president Biden thought that he and his team could handle easily the pandemic raging in the US. So amazing is the Democrat's POWER that the virus will be scared to death! Yeah! That was still the case while he wandered, still smiling, into the White House.

Everything was splendid, until ... he was confronted with the real picture of the pandemic in the US (he and his fellow Democrats never understood and paid much attention about the real efforts in fighting the pandemic, thanks to their friendly neighborhood mainstream (social) media). That was the moment he stopped smiling. Oh, what a shock! But as it is the tradition, he moaned and groaned and ... blamed everything to Trump. And Trump blamed it to Obama in his starting time and Obama blamed Bush. It's a Presidential tradition Obama started. You can call it the Obama variant.

But Biden took the pen and declared open war on the coronavirus and its variants with a stroke of a pen. By decree, he declared wearing masks is a must and I'm not sure if he outlawed the virus yet. For sure that will help! Maybe he must consider to use the national guard to shoot at the coronaviruses. Or he could declare the coronavirus right winged! Yeah, two flies with one hit.

The situation in California is very bad and that is not funny anymore. The new infections and mortality keeps growing to record breaking levels day after day, and no end in sight and they are in a strong lockdown for a while. And as usual, those ignorants of the mainstream media don't understand what a lockdown actually is. It means, just like in Israel and other countries, it takes a while before the number of infections and mortalities will peak and go down.

  • That is also the reason why Trump never wanted any national lockdown. He would not survive the enormous increase of infections a lockdown would generate and it would also take a long time before that would stabilize, because of the high number of people living in the US.
  • Take a look at the States in the US with high number of new infections and death. Those are the States with a full or partial lockdown in place. Those States without any lockdown have low number of new infections and death. You see their citizens dining in restaurants.
  • And if (or when) Biden might decide on trying to enforce a national lockdown, and he manage to force every State in the lockdown (which is really doubtful), he will be confronted with a tsunami of new infections and death, it will be the grandmother of new infections. 

And to refresh your memory (as I wrote about this in a previous article), the reason why the infections go up during a national lockdown is because more people concentrating themselves in fewer places (like supermarkets, vaccination points, testing centers, hospitals, clinics and forced together at home).

China is also in the grip of high numbers of corona infections. They falsificate the numbers they supply to the International community (they claim everything is cozy), and nobody says a word about it. But foreigners, internal reports and now the Chinese government itself report about the (Chinese variant) lockdowns. They do it different.

They have designed a combination of quarantines and lockdowns. A quarantine is for sure working. You lock everyone up separately and wait for a couple of weeks or months. In that case, the coronavirus is gone for sure (together with those who killed themselves). After that you release everyone before they starve to death. The Chinese don't go that far, but it's very close. And you know what? It works great. The city or area (where tens of millions of Chinese live) are virus free. Except on the countryside and other cities. There are still some hidden cases, which will infect the population again. Or maybe it comes from travelers abroad.

Maybe that is something for the new president to consider. He could call it the Biden lockdown variant.

Vaccines? Which vaccines? Do they work? If not, blame Trump!

Nobody knows.

It might be that the vaccines simply do not work, although that is unlikely, but possible. It might be that the efficient rate is not 90%, but 50% or even less! The influenza vaccine was also introduced with a high efficiency rate, but it turned out to be about 40% efficiency rate.

First the scientists are saying that the vaccine starts working after a couple of days. Then they changed their tune (after it didn't work), they claimed that it starts working after 14 days. We are currently at day 48 of the vaccination program, and guess what? It still doesn't work. Some scientists are already saying that it might take up to two months.

With that logic, you can say that after two months, it might be waiting for two years. Who knows what they come up with.

Wait! I know. They started the blame game why the vaccine is not working at all. Normally they use Trump to blame, but that is a bit difficult to explain at the moment. So they blame it on the UK and South-African variant. Yep. People, the vaccine is not working fully yet, that is because the fault is with the new coronavirus variants. So we need more restrictions, masks required, even during sex! Social distancing is required and we might extend it from two meters to twenty meters, or two hundred meters or make it 20 kilometers or miles. We might also advise everyone to stop breathing for a while.

For sure that some loony scientist will come up with a breathing therapy, which will guarantee that all coronaviruses will go away.

And if nothing else is working, try to do the same as one Pope did with another Pope, digging up his dead body and pop it on a chair and curse at him. Except use Trump for that, even that he's not dead ... yet.

Back to the wonderful, glorious vaccination campaign. I am very happy to announce that currently it will take the world 104 years to complete the campaign. Or if you want, it will be finished at November 24, 2124. The world vaccinated 46,214,896 people, 0.59% of the world population. Or, 0.98% of the world population needed to reach herd immunity. The world is 92.5% behind the glorious vaccination campaign schedule..

  1. The champion of the vaccination campaign is Israel, who managed to vaccinate 33% of its population (or 55% of the population needed to reach herd immunity).
  2. Then we have UAE, who vaccinated 37% of its population (needed for herd immunity).
  3. On third place we have the UK, with 12%.
  4. The US is on the fourth place with 9%.
  5. We have Malta and denmark with 5%

For more and detailed information about the vaccines, download the spreadsheet at the bottom of the article.

Oh. One thing though.

I'm pleased that many countries heed the warning of the world vaccination campaign. The glorious one I mean. More and more countries truly increase their efforts in vaccinating their populations. Except France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, they are the losers.

As I said, for the actual details, download the Excel spreadsheet and the raw corona-data.


You can download the data used in this article here. This is a zip-file (compressed) with an Excel spreadsheet and additional CSV-files. All the data used in this article and the data from the spreadsheet is based on the raw data from the Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. It is the only acceptable repository of coronavirus infections, recoveries and mortalities in the world, supported by the W.H.O. Additional references are also from ArcGIS Dashboards, Search for a Dataset - Humanitarian Data Exchange and COVID-19 pandemic data - Wikipedia.

Good luck with it.

And because I'm in a strange mood, buy some nice macabre books, which you can read before you will be forced in a new lockdown, the Israeli, Chinese or Biden lockdown variant. Because the vaccines don't seem to work very well (or at all). Maybe next year.

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  1. Well, I’m in a macabre funny mood today. As you might notice that reading this article. Good luck everybody, keep safe, healthy and specially happy.
    If you’re not happy, consider to start a blog and write what is on your mind. It helps, like it is therapy.

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