Canada, the Hoarding Disorder Sufferer

Canada thinks this is normal. Hoarding is god for the health

Canada has persistent difficulty to parting with their vaccines because of a perceived need to have them. Canada distresses at the thought of getting rid of them! Excessive accumulation of vaccines (hoarding), regardless of they need them all, occurs. The country has a population of 37,742,154. They bought 123,876,000  vaccines for their use, a 330.1% overkill. And if that was not enough, they got another 10,000 vaccines yesterday.

Why do they need so many vaccines and what are they going to do with it? Is it, because they know it will block other countries to get vaccines and most of all, it will push the prices up. You know, when something is scarce, it becomes more expensive. And that exactly happened.

Currently, Canada has 726,786 people vaccinated, 1.93% of their population, 3.21% of their population needed for the herd immunity (60%). Their speed in vaccinations is 18,408 vaccines a day, they are 6% behind the schedule of vaccinating their country in a year. With their current paste they need 1,230 days to complete their vaccination program, or 3.4 years. They will be finished at 27th of April 2024.

I think it is almost criminal what they are doing. But maybe Canada is suffering from a hoarding disorder. That's okay then, I guess. At least it is progressive.

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