Stop Breathing!! And more Wisdom to Stop the Pandemic

Finally we can announce new, technological advanced ways to utterly destroy the impure corona pandemic. Never mind the Holy High-Priests of the Science Religion, never mind His Highness, the new elected God Empire of America, never mind your local authorities, no, you can destroy the pandemic totally by yourself. If you start wondering how you can destroy the pandemic, just do this:

Stop breathing


That is the only way to defeat the pandemic. It is the only way to please your superiors and subduers in the government, your dominators, your subjugators, the Honorable High-Priests of god-Rizing Religion of Science, and not to forget His Oiliness, God Empire of America, His Excellency Robinette Biden ... eh we mean His Sacrilegiousness Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. himself.

When you really stop breathing, you will be remembered at the Holy God's Acre! What a honor, an extol, a laureate to God-Sent, and deeply righteousness.

And if you listen to all those nasty rumors about the new coronavirus mutations, which have 30% more infection rates from South Africa, or the one from the UK with much more infection rates and more deadly, or the one from Brazil, which attacks specifically younger people without underlying diseases, you listen to devil-worship ballyhoo, it is all fake news.

The Honorable High-Priests of god-Rizing Religious Science, His Oiliness Anthony Stephen Fauci, Holy physician-scientist and immunologist turned politician, says it all: "Don't worry, everything is fine". Such a fine word, what a wisdom for the unwashed masses. What a bless!

And now we have more news, dear serfs, my obtuse peons. I can announce that our Glorious Superior Vaccine, personally developed by his Braininess, His Shiftiness Anthony Stephen Fauci and his fellow Incorruptible High-Priests of God-Rizing Religious Science, allows to infect all the birdbrained peons out there, even when you are vaccinated.

And my dear vassals, that is not enough. Our Holy Glorious Vaccine against the atrociousness, but useful tool, the coronavirus, is only useful up to 50%! Maybe even less then his Slipperiness Anthony Stephen Fauci and his fellow Slickness High-Priests of god-Rizing Religious Science hoped for.

A bless ... I tell you, my half-wits, my dear birdbrains. Oooooh, I'm so excited!

Yes, that is right, my beloved uncultured, naive, moronic grunts. You hear that correct.

The God-Empire, His Godliness, Blasphemousness Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. himself has announced that he will take charge fighting with holy water and fire and brimstone from the netherworld, what is called the execrableness, the hellishness, the absolute pervertedness ... you. Uhm ... the pandemic ... we mean the pandemic, not you. Of course not ... snif.

The cerebral High-Court of All Angers in Hell and Heaven, our God-Empire, His Blessedness, Devoutness and our Holiness Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. together with his singing Virgin Angels, the Cherubs, the Saints and the mainstream media has decided Upon the Destiny of The Pandemic and His Holy Grails to Foil the pandemic by ...

Do Nothing, let it burn


That's right.

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