It goes extremely bad with the vaccination campaign!

What now? What is new? What is going on?

We are in deep sh*t. Loads of trouble. I collected all the bad news about the vaccines and the (newly mutated) coronaviruses, put them here together and expressed my conclusions.

  1. Vaccinated people can still infect other people. Nothing changed.
    1. Vaccinated people are only about 40-45% protected against the virus (maybe). Meaning you have 55%-60% chance that you will be (re)infected again.
    2. People who are immune because of recovery of previous infections are more likely protected then those from the vaccine.
  2. The "green" or vaccination passport is useless.
    1. Because of useless vaccinations offering almost no guarantee.
    2. Any vaccinated person can infect anyone else, vaccinated or not.
  3. The only guaranty of anyone infected or not is only by testing.
  4. Some new mutations are more deadly.
    1. The UK mutation is not only faster in infecting others, but also more deadly.
    2. The South-African mutation neutralizes the vaccines (even more) and is also faster.
    3. The Brazilian mutation is much more deadly and targets more younger people compared with the other mutations.
    4. The chance is high that more mutations will appear anywhere and at any moment.
  5. We will live with the corona pandemic for many years to come
    1. Until it burns itself out totally by its own

What should you NOT do!

  1. Governments will try to force a 90% herd immunity. They will try to force as much as possible people to receive the vaccine. This is a gamble from the side of the governments. it will not protect more people.
  2. Don't trust any science report about clinical trials for vaccine and virus behavior. They work totally different in real life, just like their vaccines.
  3. All vaccines from Sinovac Biotech, Sinopharm and Gamaleya/Sputnik V are rendered useless against the mutated coronaviruses. Don't trust them. Use the Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech or maybe the Novavax vaccines if you really want to be vaccinated.
  4. Don't accept any nonsense of the "green" or vaccination passport. It has no purpose, nobody needs it and it is a way to control you and others.

What will likely happening?

  1. The mainstream media will feed everyone nonsense about everything is going well.
    1. They will suppress news about the latest mutations and the usefulness of the vaccines.
    2. They will try to force everyone to be vaccinated, if you want to or not.
  2. The corona pandemic will get worse.
  3. Restrictions will continue, including closures, distancing and wearing of masks.
  4. There will be soon new variations of the (untested) vaccine appearing on the market.
  5. It will take at least two till three years before the coronavirus burns itself out without any vaccine.

What are your options?

  1. Vaccinate or not, it doesn't matter (beside the possible (unknown) side effects).
  2. Keep social distancing. Avoid crowded places. Keep hygiene.
  3. For social rules, wear a mask. Use a washable mask, at least it looks better.
  4. Don't trust the mainstream media, government or the so called science.
  5. If you can, vote your governments out in elections and vote for a more technical oriented government. One of the best in Europe are the German and UK governments (because of their fight against the corona pandemic in the UK). The worst is the French government. They are lazy, likely to make mistakes and have bad accuracy.

How should governments suppose to act during this pandemic?

  1. Respond instantly when news of new mutations of the coronavirus appears. A response time of a hour is already too long.
  2. Be transparent in the handling and fight against the pandemic.
  3. Don't lie, or produce white lies for the sake of the common good. Tell the truth on a daily basis on live national TV. In this way, media can't corrupt the news.
  4. Everything they report must be proven by the actual facts freely and openly available everywhere.
  5. Don't hide the recovery data, publish them in full.
  6. Invest in testing centers everywhere, much more than it is now.
    1. Don't force anyone to be vaccinated if they don't want.
    2. Invest heavily in quick or fast testing. Equipment like that is already available.
    3. Monitor everything closely. Respond instantly in case of multiple infections.
    4. Keep detailed administration, monitoring and care for those isolated at home.
  7. Kick the current medical "advisers" out and have some of them available only for epidemiological advise, nothing else. Use also advisers in other areas during the pandemic, like law, medical, society, trade, analysts, project management and economy.
  8. Don't have closures, shutdowns or lockdowns anymore. It will only produce more infections, then suppress it and then it comes back more than ever when the closure is released.
  9. Educate the population what the corona pandemic really is, not some hyped up story without any facts or truth.
  10. Work on the motivation of the national population and large companies for support and assistance. You don't get that by lying and forcing compliance.

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