Chinese version of the lockdown

The Chinese version of the lockdown was very effective in removing the coronavirus from the communities. The lockdown was based on the population, community workers, excessive monitoring and an effective organization. To be able to enforce the lockdown, an official state of war was declared on the coronavirus. The lockdown became a quarantine.

Basically, the Chinese version of the lockdown required that everyone needed to stay at home and not leaving their apartments or houses. All shops were closed, nothing was working anymore. Cities and neighborhoods were hermetically locked down. It was forbidden that cars or any vehicle would drive on any street, except for official duties.

An army of community workers were dispatched to assist any citizens. Each series of apartments and/or apartment buildings and houses were under a community worker, who organized three times a day a checkup if everything was alright and monitor temperatures. Food was delivered and supplied to anyone in the apartments and garbage was collected.

A constant stream of information was available for everyone about the state of the corona battle and authorities explained exactly what was going on and why everyone is a "soldier" fighting the corona. The population was already motivated and they became even more motivated. Everyone had the idea that they did something for the community and country.

Anyone who was sick was transported to the hospitals and treated there and if everything was alright, brought back home.

In the meantime, an army of workers were dispatched to spray the city and all public places to kill the coronavirus. Anything which could be used as base for the virus, like metal, glass, plastic, steel and any surface was sprayed against the virus.

In a record time the coronavirus was removed from the city and not one single person was infected anymore. It took about two months to make the city virus free.

What is the difference between the Chinese and our version of the lockdown?

Our version of a lockdown is to forbid to go to work and school and are limited to move within a certain distance from your home or apartment and you can visit the supermarket to buy food (whenever you want). What strategically happens is that our version of lockdown forces more people into fewer places, with as result that more people get infected. It is common sense.

With a Chinese lockdown this will not happen. In case someone of the family or houseguests have corona, it will disappear after a couple of days as usual or they will be brought to the hospital. The food will be delivered. Nobody is allowed to leave the apartment or house. Everyone has a phone and call for emergencies and/or assistance

The difference between both methods after two months is that under a normal lockdown, there was a surge of infections until it peaked and gradually the infection rate went down. The coronavirus never really disappeared, there were always cases.

After the Chinese lockdown, everyone gets released. There is not one case of corona infecion anymore. The corona pandemic with the last group burned itself out.

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