Moving the site to another hosting server – Update 30/01/2021

Computer rack with servers

This is the second time I write this, because not enough memory in the server. I’m going to move from hosting provider WordPress to another hosting provider. This current provider offers only one configuration and that is 250Mb. RAM available, one core, 200Gb disk, to another server with 7 cores, 14Gb RAM, 210Gb disk.

The results will be a site, which is much faster and at last professionally designed with the tooters and bells in place. A person must only use three clicks to find anything he or she wants within a couple of seconds. Not like what happens now.

The current problem is that it is not possible to transfer the current site to the new server, because WordPress doesn’t allow FTP connections. So I need to do this manually. If the site is down, that means I made a mistake. Sorry about that in advance. But I don’t plan to make any mistake.

So that means in a couple of days (or faster), the site suddenly looks more professional and flashing fast. 

Added 30/01/2021:

And if you want to take a peek at the new server, it’s here:

This site is also in WordPress, and currently I’m testing it with dummy articles (from this site) and some products in the shop. I overloaded it with loads of plugins and addons, making it huge and a real memory monster, but as you can see, especially in the shop, it’s fast and responsive. 

Currently I need to go back to work and do some statistics work. When I’m finished this late afternoon, I add more pressure the server and start stress testing the site.


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