The hightech vaccines are not as it suppose to be!

As history accurately states, a vaccine for an infectious disease means that it makes a person immune. Some people die, some people don’t get immune. Those are the facts. That is what we all expect from a vaccine. But the new hightech vaccines against COVID-19 from companies like AstraZeneca/Oxford, Pfizer/BioNTech and the like are totally different. Those vaccines do not make people immune, but they are purposefully designed not to make people sick.

What it really means is that all the 90,898,764 people worldwide, who received their vaccine (January 29th, 2021) expect that they are now immune or greatly immune against COVID-19 virus. They are not. The so called hightech vaccines are designed for elderly and those with serious underlying diseases and to stop them from getting sick and hoarding the hospitals and further to reduce the people who are dying. It does not.

The hightech vaccines are useless for healthy people. It is actually worse, those hightech vaccines will stop people from getting really immune against the COVID-19! 

But those 103 million people who were once infected by the COVID-19 virus are greatly immune against the COVID-19!

  • Anyone who is still not vaccinated, and get sick and recovers from the infection, will be truly immune.  
  • Anyone who gets vaccinated, will never be immune against the COVID-19.

And do the hightech vaccines work?

The hightech vaccines, who are designed not to make people ill when infected, do not work at all. Not even a tiny bit. If you do not believe me, listen to the noise from the hospitals, who are complaining that they are overrun by people seriously sick of COVID-19, look at the number of people who are dying and that number gets only bigger by the day! Those are the people who are already vaccinated! And that happens everywhere!

Why does the vaccine not help? 

Who do you think who are hoarding the hospitals worldwide? Who do you think who are now dying? Who do you think who were firstly vaccinated?

I tell you.

What most governments have announced, they started the vaccinations with the elderly and those with known serious underlying diseases and those (medical) workers in the frontline of the battle against the pandemic.  The biggest part of the elderly are already vaccinated, right?

But can anyone answer the question why those already vaccinated people are getting so sick that they must be hospitalized? And why more than ever those already vaccinated people are dying? 

When asked, the medical scientists and governments answered such questions. They claimed that it takes two weeks before the immunity system of a vaccinated person can adopt and offer protection against the virus. That was more than a month ago. Since then the situation got worse and for some reason the media stopped asking those questions.

The answer is actually very simple, using common sense. The makers of the vaccines claim that the vaccines has a 95% efficiency. Meaning that 95% of the people vaccinated are protected against the virus (or rather not getting sick). Looking at the results with rising numbers of infections and death, those vaccines are not 95% efficient at all. 

Just like the case with the influenza vaccine. That vaccine is about 40-45% efficient in the real world. And I expect that the real efficiency of the hightech virus is even lower.

Look at the case of Israel

When you take the number of people once infected with the COVID-19 virus and those who are vaccinated, Israel has reached 59% herd immunity (people vaccinated and people immune from earlier infections). That is more than enough to have a strong influence on the rate of infections, serious cases and death, but it hasn’t!

Israel is currently under a lockdown. A lockdown in Israel means that the number of new daily infections goes up from the beginning of the lockdown and 34 days later, where it peaks. After that it will go down. This happened also during the first and the second lockdowns. And guess what? Israel is already for 34 days in the third lockdown (with the calculated peak at 30 of January 2021).

And indeed, right on the clock, the peak shows signs that it decreases the number of infections somewhat at the moment. With these proven data, I can calculate that the new infections Israel reaches bottom line at the 17th of February 2021. The slight decrease is only in the number of new infections, not in mortalities and recoveries. That strongly points to the fact that the vaccinations are not working (partly or not at all), and that the true herd immunity is not the 59%. 

If the number of infections, hospitalizations and mortalities are sharply going down, that would be another case and that indeed might point to the effectiveness of the vaccine and Israel would be truly having a 59% herd immunity. But that is not the case.

New COVID-19 mutations

To avoid problems and critical questions, governments and some scientists are now blaming the new virus mutations for the increase of new infections serious sick and death. Maybe yes, probably not. Nobody knows for sure, and neither do they.

The companies behind many vaccine products are claiming that their products are still able to handle those mutations. I don’t claim that, but those companies themselves announce that publicly. And the governments are aping those statements, trying to avoid panic.

But that does not answer the question why so many vaccinated people are getting sick, filling the hospitals to near capacity and die. Well, it does. This means that the real efficiency of the hightech vaccines are so low, that the vaccines do not work for the elderly and those suffering from serious diseases.

What does the future bring?

In my personal opinion, the year 2020 was a bad year globally. But the year 2021 will be so much worse.

The national closures of many countries are already applied or considered. Because of incompetence and the too late responses and dirty politics, those closures are being mismanaged, and the results are simply more infections and death. 

  • Really, trying to block people only from countries with the mutations (for example the Brazilian mutations) is hilarious and proof of incompetence and ignorance. That mutation already spread all over the world and to block people from Brazil is ridiculous. 
  • Announcing a national lockdown weeks ahead is also pointing to incompetence and ignorance. When applying a lockdown because of the pandemic must be applied immediately, because people flying the country (and infecting more people elsewhere).
  • And then there are those lockdowns, which are decided upon, but can’t be enforced. 

The problem with the vaccines will not go away. It will become a major problem when even the most ignorant people are asking questions why they are vaccinated with a vaccine, which does not work. 

I would not like to be in the shoes of the owners of Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca/Oxford, Sinopharm, Novavax, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, when the time of reckoning. I don’t think that those people are sleeping well, and neither the heads of governments in Europe and probably the rest of the world.

And maybe (probably) it’s a good thing that the rest of the countries can’t get the vaccines. It’s much smarter to watch and see what happens to the rich countries before even considering using the hightech vaccines.

The pandemic will not go away, it will become even worse than it is now. I personally had my thoughts about being vaccinated, now they can keep it. I prefer to be infected with COVID-19, so that I will be truly immune then to get one of those vaccines, which so obvious doesn’t work.  

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