Why do the vaccines not work?

UAE Infections and Active Cases from 23 February 2020 till 30 January 2021

This is embarrassing, maybe I’m crazy and see strange things and must see the doctor. Maybe I’m finally gone and see conspiracy theories. Whatever it is, let me tell you what is bordering me. The whole world is in the process of vaccinating its populations … with a vaccine what doesn’t work!

 Do you understand why I am confused? Am I the only one who sees this? I spent yesterday the whole day watching TV (I told everyone I was working) and browsing the Internet, and not one single word about this. Well, not hundred percent true, because French President Emmanuel Macron thinks the same. That doesn’t mean that it is true of course, but still …

Please stay with me so far. Let us see if I can proof that the vaccines are not working.

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis

  1. Thesis: Everyone thinks that the vaccines are working against the coronavirus infections of the global population. That’s the formal statement illustrating my point and that is what everyone seems to assume.
  2. Antithesis: I say that the vaccines do not work. That’s the second idea, which negates the first. And it seems that I am the only one who is saying this.
  3. Synthesis. The synthesis will resolve the contradiction between the two. What follows after this will make or break my case. You are the judge, jury and executioner.

And before I continue, all information about data and statistics, charts I show are available for download and are based on raw data from the repository of  John Hopkins university.

Have some patience. Before I show you what the effects are of the vaccines, let me make some statements, which is accepted everywhere and widely published.

  • Those who are hospitalized because of an infection by the coronavirus are elderly and those with serious underlying diseases. Worldwide this is 0.4% of the world population.
  • Those who have died because of an infection by the coronavirus are elderly and those with serious underlying diseases. Worldwide this is 3% of the world population.
Covid-19 death rate by age
Covid-19 death rate by age

The second point I want to make is that most of the countries, who have a vaccination program started, have announced that they first want to vaccinate the elderly and who have serious underlying diseases, followed by health care workers and the rest of the population.

I hope you agree at this point. We are today already 58 days in the campaign. Worldwide, we vaccinated 1.21% of the world population. Certain countries have managed to vaccinate a much bigger part of their populations. Here is a small list (top 2 in the world):

  1. Israel with 53% of its population or 88% of the population required for herd immunity.
  2. UAE with 32% of its population or 52% of the population required for herd immunity.

So, finally we can state that we have two countries with more than 50% of its population (herd immunity). Are you still with me?

You can expect or assume that the vaccines will protect those elderly of getting sick and die, not? At least 95% of them, not? That is what the vaccine makers claim. 

Is that so?

Let me answer the question if those elderly are protected by the vaccines against dying because of the coronavirus.

Mortality UAE January 2021
Mortality UAE January 2021
Mortality Israel January 2021
Mortality Israel January 2021

The two charts above displays the number of people dying in the UAE and Israel. 

23/01 Sat 24/01 Sun 25/01 Mon 26/01 Tue 27/01 Wed 28/01 Thu 29/01 Fri 30/01 Sat
 75   78   79   15   92   64   31   38 

Above are the numbers of people dying each day in Israel because of coronavirus. The absolute majority of those people dying are already vaccinated and belong to the elderly or in some cases people with underlying serious diseases and they are also vaccinated. There are no healthy people in those numbers from the last days. All people were already vaccinated.

Let us go further, and see if the vaccines will have any influence on the new daily infections for those countries.

UAE Infections from 23 February 2020 till 30 January 2021
UAE Infections from 23 February 2020 till 30 January 2021
Infections UAE January 2021
Infections UAE January 2021
Israel Infections from 23 February 2020 till 30 January 2021
Israel Infections from 23 February 2020 till 30 January 2021
Infections Israel January 2021
Infections Israel January 2021
Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in UAE January 2021
Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in UAE January 2021
Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in Israel January 2021
Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in Israel January 2021

What is interesting is that both countries are complaining that their hospitals are overloaded full and that they are almost overrun by the increase of serious cases of elderly who are serious sick from the coronavirus and need hospitalization. You can see that especially for the last three days for both countries.

This is not suppose to happen. The vaccines do not have any visible effects on the mortality and the new infections. So the question is why to vaccinate?

And don’t come up with the statements of the medical and government people with those mad predictions and advice. Some of the health organizations in Israel are claiming that only 0.03% of the elderly were infected after they received the vaccine. But they don’t come with proof. And when you look at the death and serious sickness and the overloaded hospitals, those statements are nothing else then lies. White lies for sure.

Why do the corona-vaccines not work as expected?

So far I’ve discussed and shown that vaccines do not have any effect on the newly coronavirus infections, the serious sick people hospitalized and the mortality numbers.

But the question of why do the vaccines not work is still not answered.

To answer that question, you need to answer first this question. Are covid-19 vaccines vaccines similar as the vaccines against smallpox? 

The answer is no. With a conventional vaccine (read here all vaccines except the last ones), they inject a person with a “dead” virus, so that the body can produce antibodies to fight viruses entering the body and in this way become immune. 

The new vaccine, which I call hightech vaccines, are based on different principles. Some of them put coronavirus spike proteins on an adenovirus backbone (combines the target antigen from one virus with the ‘backbone’ from another). Another uses an approach of a virus-like particle, or VLP, is a structure assembled from viral proteins. It resembles a virus but doesn’t contain the genetic material that would allow the VLP to replicate. For SARS-CoV-2, the VLP obviously includes the spike protein.

The purpose of a virus is to replicate itself. The only way to do that is to penetrate a cell of the host by melting itself through the membrane (membrane fusion) covering and protecting a cell. Once inside the cell, it takes about 18 hours to use the biological functions of the cell to duplicate itself. Within days billions of new virus particles are located in one cell, “born” from one virus particle. 

The so called hightech vaccines will disable the ability of coronaviruses to fuse with the cell membrane, by “programming” the immunity system to fight that. The coronavirus can’t duplicate or multiply itself in insane numbers, so the host doesn’t get sick. Or so the theory tells the scientists, because they never saw it working in practice.

To make it short:

  • A conventional vaccine is designed for everyone and it produces immunity against the virus.
  • The hightech vaccines are designed for elderly and those with underlying serious diseases, and it produces a protection of getting serious sick. Healthy people seldom get sick of the coronavirus.

I tell it in plain English:

The corona hightech vaccines do not give any immunity against the coronavirus.

Those vaccines are designed to avoid getting (seriously) sick, not to give immunity or any other protection. 

That is one reason why the corona vaccines do not work as we expect.

The other reason is obvious. The effectiveness of the hightech vaccines are not 95% as Pfizer/BioNTech claims. The effectiveness is much lower. How much lower, I have no idea, but it is so low that it does not have any impact on a population, which managed to reach the 60% herd immunity.

If the vaccine would be 95% effective, that would mean that the number of seriously sick and death will be drastically going down already for weeks. That is not the case.

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