Absolute drop in trust in any form of authorities

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that he lied to the public about his herd immunity claims to the public. CDC illegally inflated the COVID fatality number by at least 1,600 percent as the 2020 presidential election played out, according to a study published by the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. And if that is not enough, many people notices the strange statistical data about the corona pandemic.

Fake news from governments, media, medical and scientific institutions

Different numbers in the national numbers about the corona pandemic and he numbers reported at the repository of the John Hopkins can’t be denied.

According to PR firm Edelman’s Annual Trust-Barometer, fewer than half of all Americans trust the mainstream media despite the constant propaganda onslaught. The dinosaur knowns as Mainstream Media is dying. Before Google conspired with Zuckerberg and other digital giants to crush alternative media, those alternative outlets competed with and beat MSM.

Social media is taking blows to the chin, with Americans’ trust ranked at only 27% for content found on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. The lack of faith in the mainstream is not exclusive to America. Across the world, belief in social media is only 35 percent. Globally, only 35 percent of people rank social media as trustworthy for “general news and information.”

It may be a real eye-opener to many journalists working for mainstream outlets that most of America does not trust them or the corporations they work for. Journalists who are shocked by this seem trapped in their own bubble. After four years of the Russia hoax, “everything is racism” reporting, “largely peaceful” protests immediately turning into “terroristic riots,” Trump supporters know full well they cannot trust MSM. 

The wave of censorship that has been ongoing in this country for years should confirm that the mainstream media is running scared. Of course, discerning readers already knew mainstream media was nothing more than propaganda, and that’s why, even after Big Tech tried to crush it, the alternative media still survives.

Israel is one of those countries, which uses to falsify the reported numbers and statistics about the coronavirus pandemic. And actually it is also the most funniest one. 

Weizmann Institute’s Prof. Eran Segal says cities with a high vaccination turnout for over 60 saw a 50% drop in new confirmed cases, a 40% decrease in hospitalizations and 15% less patients in serious condition.

Funny is that, because the dear man is ignoring all the reported cases of rising infections, hospitals near capacity because of the influx of corona patients and those are the ones already vaccinated, and not to mention the increasing cases of death, also from people already vaccinated.

And above all, Prof. Eran Segal can’t show any proof of his claims, just like the health organizations Clalit and Maccabi, which claimed similar fairytales.


Another funny fact is that it is possible to predict a national lockdown by checking the court dates of Prime Minister Netanyahu. If there is a court date, there will be a national lockdown. And in case the corona statistics do not support a lockdown, those numbers suddenly appear out of thin air.

Now the Israeli government has a new tactic to keep the lockdowns running (there are currently three overlapping lockdowns in Israel). They announce a lockdown, tell the Israeli public that it will take only a few weeks. They extend the lockdown each time again with a week and the end is not in sight. 

Then they are “seriously” considering to open society, while the corona numbers are indicating that the corona infections are still very high. Like with every Israeli lockdown, during a lockdown the first period shows a huge peak in infections (and death) and after that the curve bends slowly down (Israel is currently in this stage), and that will take at least several weeks until it stabilizes. 

The opening of society is another tactic the Israeli government is using to keep the society closed. They dream up a wonderful recovery plan, where they claim that they allow the society to open in stages. After each stage, there is a period of two weeks to monitor if the corona infections don’t go up. If it does, they will stop the recovery or even roll it back. 

That is what the Israeli government did with the second lockdown, which started at the 15th of September 2020 and officially never ended. They released society in several stages until the number of infections went up and they announced a third lockdown. In truth, they rolled back the recoveries and continued with the second one. At the time of writing, Israel is still in lockdown.

Protests and revolts

You hear, read and can watch them on TV and the Internet about protests and revolts all over the world. You see them in Japan, in South Korea, in South Africa, in South America, in Europe, in Syria and in Israel.

And all of them are met by aggressive suppression of the authorities.  

People truly get enough of it. And the authorities are all making the same mistakes, which only functions as oil on the fire. 

To go back to Israel, you see a large group in the Israeli society, which simply ignore whatever the Israeli government is saying or want, and do the thing they always do. Israelis see the religious people openly defying the government with tens of thousands of people grouping together without social distancing and masks.

Because of the power the religious parties have in the government, the authorities can’t stop this. It is different when the owners of small businesses are protesting on the street, their protests are suppressed by the police very fast. The same for those protesting against the Prime Minister, they also get in trouble by the aggressive acting police. 

The vaccination campaign

The government, and especially Prime Minister Netanyahu is especially proud that the Israeli vaccination campaign is so successful in Israel. Indeed, Israel is also the first country, which has reached the herd immunity of more than 60%! That is great.

But do the vaccines work?

Until now, the number of infections did not go down. In the continuary, they went up! The people who got serious ill, did those numbers go down? No, they went dramatically up to a level that hospitals were overloaded with the demand! Did the mortality go down? No, it went up slightly.

And only now people started to realize that the corona vaccines are actually not normal vaccines and what the difference is.

A normal vaccine is designed for people of all ages and to make people immune for certain infectious diseases.

The new corona vaccines are not. Those are designed for the elderly and serious sick and they suppress the ability for a virus to duplicate, so people don’t get (so much) sick.

The maker of the biggest vaccines products claim that it is 95% effective. If that is the case, we would have seen the effects already in Israel, not? Well, we don’t see that effect.

That can mean two things:

  1. That might mean that the effectiveness is extremely low.
  2. Or that the vaccine is somehow responsible for an increase of cases.

How can we trust the governments and scientific institutions with such claims, while the medical science stay silent about the obvious problems? And when we try to find out ourselves what is going on, we see things happening that nobody reports about! 

Forcing people to be vaccinated with a vaccine, which doesn’t seem to work is a bit too far. And forcing the people they do. For many people waiting until the lockdown ends expect to find work, but no. Large companies are demanding that everyone will be vaccinated. And when they don’t want, they find themselves out of job.

I’m very curious what the governments are going to say when everyone notices any effect of the vaccines and more people continue to get infected, hospitalized and die. If that point in time will be reached, they will have to deal with the revenge.

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