Silence of the lambs … Silence of the corona – the movie

The silence of the lamb. A new Hollywood/Bollywood movie, starring our medical scientists as Clarice Starling, who are hunting a dreadful serial killer, “coronavirus”, who infects a tiny part of the population, but they can’t find it. Our stars use a secret miracle weapon called the vaccine, which they inject on the potential victims (sheep), hoping that it will kill the serial killer.

The audience is terrified, glued to their chairs, holding in their breath. What comes next?

After some ‘tragical’ dropping dead of some sheep, the vaccine seems not to work, because our serial killer continues to do its work like nothing happened. Our stars are looking bewildered at the overrun hospitals full with the victims.

But our stars have other weapons, and they invent a virtual new serial killer and name it after the UK and South Africa. Such brilliance, such geniuses our heroes are, because now they can blame it on the not existing serial killers. And the sheep eat it up!

The audience is laughing. What a stupid sheep!

Can you believe that? Wow, oof. What would happen to them if the sheep would find out that they vaccinated dummy vaccines to all the sheep, especially what they charged for it! And the sheep continues to be vaccinated with the dummy vaccine.

The audience is silent for ten seconds, too shocked to respond. Then they all stand up, and the outrage begins, screaming for blood. What a betrayal, what a terrible crime! But the sheep looks confused around, not understanding that they are being fooled. A real bunch of sheep.

All craziness as it is, I hope you get the message. I’ve included here the spreadsheet with the vaccine information (and more) from yesterday.


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