Of all the riots in 2020, the January 6th is the unforgivable one

For the mainstream media, the long hot summer 2020 of rioting, looting and arson was nothing else then peaceful protests by concerned citizens, who were begging for social change against “systemic racism” and the need for “racial justice”. Those concerning, peaceful protesting citizens were calling attention to injustices the Americans have failed to address, like police brutality. And almost all of these “peaceful protesters” were calling us to be a better people.

However, as for the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 by Trumpists, to protest the outcome of the election, that was an act of insurrection, a treasonous attempt to overturn a democratic election and overthrow a democratic government.

Of all the riots in 2020, riot at the Capitol was the unforgivable one.

The proper response to that riot is not to heed its angry voices but to impeach the president on whose behalf they acted, to strip him of any right to serve again in public office, and to write new laws to deal with the horrific “domestic terrorism” we witnessed at the Capitol.

  • The Hong Kong protests were cheered on by the West until there arose a fear in China they were getting out of hand. Beijing then stepped in, ordered the protests halted and imposed law and order.
  • In Russia, there have been protests in many cities over the recent jailing of dissident Alexei Navalny. But winter weather and thousands of police arrests have cooled the protests, and Vladimir Putin booted out of the country three EU diplomats from Poland, Germany and Sweden who attended the pro-Navalny demonstrations.
  • In Turkey, demonstrations by staff and students erupted in January over the installation of an ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as rector of Bogazici University, among the most acclaimed schools in the country. Hundreds have been arrested in clashes between protesters and police in one of the largest displays of civil unrest in Turkey in years.
  • In Myanmar, thousands took to the streets this weekend to protest a generals’ coup that took over the country a week ago and ousted the elected civilian regime of Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.
  • The American media defended the Hong Kong protesters and tended to minimize, excuse or ignore its excesses and violence.

In Western nations, protests and riots come largely from the left and rail against what is claimed to be indifference or resistance to the rights of minorities. And the natural tendency of the media is to sympathize with protesters, especially those bedeviling autocracies.

Again, all except the occupation of the Capitol on Jan. 6. That one was different, because it came from the right.

And the left is making every effort not to have a confrontation with Trump again!

Pelosi Trump eraser
Pelosi Trump eraser

Again another attempt to erase Trump, which will probably backfire on them.

Trump returns to white house in 2024
Trump returns to white house in 2024


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