To Be or Not to Be – Corona Fantasies and Hope for the Best

Daily new infections, hospitalizations, deaths, vaccinations and vaccines. What shall it be? One thing is for sure and that it is a confusing mess. One doctor says this, instantly contradicted by legions of other doctors. Politicians claiming victory about something they are not sure about. Lying and lazy governments going so far as ignoring, overreacting, falsificate corona related data, forcing people to be vaccinated and the list goes on and on. And we're not talking about all that crazy unfounded scaremongering of the governments about the mutated coronaviruses.

And when that is not enough, we have the various public health organizations (who don't have scientists on their staff), making public announcements of the perfect working vaccines with more than 95% effectiveness, according their "scientific research", ignoring the thousands new daily infections, high rate of hospitalizations and mortalities. And what they also don't mention is that those proclamations are part of their deal with Pfizer/BioNTech.

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Worldwide trends

Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in Worldwide Jan-Feb 2021
Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in Worldwide Jan-Feb 2021

You probably heard or read it already, that many are claiming that the coronavirus is on the retreat. Some even claim with their scientific statistical models that we get rid of the pandemic in June 2021! That is great news. If it is true. Let's look at the above chart, shall we?

What is so special about this chart? It's the chart about worldwide new infections (cases), mortalities and recoveries. As you can see, this displays a trend, which indeed shows a clear decrease of the new infections and mortalities. Well, unless you look at the last three days, you see an increase in mortalities and the 23rd of February an increase of infections. The red trendline (----) indicates that the downward trend is curving up! We will see the coming days if this trend continues or not.

Be aware, that this chart is displaying the trends worldwide. The trends of any individual country in the world can (or is) be different. One thing is for sure, the data used to calculate and displays the worldwide trends are calculated from daily data of each country on earth, which reports corona statistics.


Infections and Mortality in UK January-February 2021
Infections and Mortality in UK January-February 2021

The above chart displays the daily new infections and the mortality in the UK. As we can see, also here the trend is positive, less infections. The UK doesn't report recoveries. Also, the way how the UK reports the mortalities is ... let's call it strange without going into the details.

Anyway, the UK government is very happy with the results and is already preparing the country to go back to normal. The UK government is proud with this result and proclaim that this is because of their national lockdown. They are probably right ... maybe. The thing is that Sweden has similar results, but without lockdown. Or that globally the world shows a similar trend (except the mortalities though).


Recoveries and Infections in US January-February 2021
Recoveries and Infections in US January-February 2021

Above you see the chart of the US. Also here there is a trend with decreasing numbers of new daily infections. The mortalities in the US reported borders to the impossibilities with negative numbers. Since January 2021, the numbers reported to Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University are chaotical, full with obvious mistakes. But that said, there is a downward trend of the infections. Which is great. Some people in the US claim that those numbers are lower because of the vaccines. FYI, the US has vaccinated 19.59% of the population (13.4% first dose, 6% second dose) and has a herd immunity of 28.38%. Those vaccination numbers are too low to influence the national trend of the US in any way, positive or negative.


Germany Infections from 23 February 2020 till 23 February 2021
Germany Infections from 23 February 2020 till 23 February 2021

There is also in Germany a positive trend with decreasing numbers of new infections, which is great! From today, Germany vaccinated 6.28% of their population (4.1% first doses, 2.2% second doses), and it has 9.10% herd immunity. Whatever the reason for this positive trend, it has nothing to do with any vaccine at the moment. The herd immunity is much too low to be of any influence on the new infections.


Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in Israel January-February 2021
Recoveries, Infections and Mortality in Israel January-February 2021

Now we come to Israel. Also here there is a positive trend in the decreased number of infections and there is even a slight downward trend in the number of deaths per day. Which is great! Israel has 84.78% of its population vaccinated (50.1% with the first dose and 34.7% with the second dose)! Its herd immunity is at the moment 97.45% of its population and is the highest in the world.

The Israel government and the Israeli medical authorities claim that the reason for this positive trend is only because of the vaccines. They fail to mention that Israel recently came out of the lockdown, which lasted 48 days. They also fail to mention that the Israeli trend is not a local trend in the corona statistics, but a global trend. It happens almost everywhere in the world. Even those countries, which did not vaccinate one single person in their countries.

I suspect that the reason for the decreased number of infections are because of a national lockdown in Israel. Any corona-related lockdown has one thing in common: while in lockdown, the number of new infections go up to dramatical heights until the infections peak and gradually go down. That is what we have witnessed now, just like the other four lockdowns in Israel from September 15, 2020.

But we will find out the truth soon enough, when the downward trends of new infections will stabilize. And because the Israeli government released the Israeli economy and society, we can expect the positive trend to be reversed. When that happens, we will hear the stories again from the Israel government about new coronavirus variants, the disobedience of its population, etc. They probably will try to force the population to get a third vaccine shot (the booster shot) with new restrictions and new lockdowns. When that is the case, we should rename the title "Startup country" into "shutdown country".

The fantasies of the governments

Last year governments were as shocked as everyone else. But what was bad is that they panicked! That is bad. And that also led to wrong decisions, especially with the sensational weaponized media, the politicalized scientists and the profit oriented companies like Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca and the like.

Most of the governments used the only way they thought was the correct way of battling the ever expanding pandemic, and that was the national and/or local lockdowns of their societies. Many of those governments based those decisions (partly or totally) on political reasons. And they did a bad job in hiding those reasons.

Why those lockdowns? Those governments put all their eggs in one basket and gambled that the vaccines will solve the whole issue concerning he pandemic. They used the lockdowns to keep the pandemic under control until the vaccines could solve the pandemic problem permanently. An obvious fantasy.

A year later, we still are in a pandemic and the end is not in sight, as what was to foreseen. The expectations of the governments (and the populations) about the vaccines are sorely tested. Why is the world not seeing any results? Why do the vaccines not showing the world and its populations that the pandemic is slowly going away? And with the same logic, we can expect that this year the pandemic will continue to dominate the world.

At the end of January 2021, when the infections were worldwide still high (and in most of the countries in the world), the governments were claiming that the high infection rates were caused by the mutations of the coronavirus. When everything became better, they dropped promptly all those ridiculous stories about the coronaviruses and start to hail and praise the 'holy' vaccines.

Hure! Great, the vaccines finally start to work! Great! Let's force the rest of the not-vaccinated parts of the populations to be vaccinated! Yeah, why not?

Except that the vaccinations are not the reason why we see a downward trend in corona infections and mortalities. And there is not one reason, but multiple reasons for the positive trends in infections.

  • The mysterious disappearance of influenza numbers at the end of last year suddenly makes sense. Those numbers were added to the coronavirus numbers, which are now being released.
  • Some of the countries had lockdowns in place, which shows the positive results (after huge peaks).
  • Most of the countries in the world didn't use any lockdowns, and didn't use any or too few vaccinations, and they have the same positive results. It looks like the old fashioned, always working (throughout millenia old) natural herd immunity as the answer against any pandemic. Unless the governments are messing it up and causing the pandemic to continue.

So ... what shall it be ... or not to be?

A few things will be for sure. This madness will continue. Loads of scaremongering will continue. New restrictions will popup again. New closures, national and local lockdowns will be applied and the number of infections continues to go up. New stories about suddenly discovered mutations of the coronavirus will popup, true or not.

And what about the end of the pandemic? Not likely for a long time.

But what will be new are the first countries, which will go bankrupt and on default because of the destruction of their own economies.

I hope that I'm very wrong.

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