Hidden Internet

The Dark Internet

The Dark Internet has also other names. A more proper name is “The Hidden Internet”. The Dark Internet is nothing else then a part of the Internet, which is not being indexed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Hence the name Hidden Internet. And the hidden Internet is much bigger then the Internet, which is known by the search engines. Actually, the hidden Internet is 10 times bigger then the known Internet. This number is not an actual fact, but an educated guess. Honestly, nobody knows it size.

How can we stop ISIS using the Internet?

The only way to stop ISIS using the Internet is physically stop ISIS and addressing the problem of Islam. The Internet has several layers. The smallest layer is the surface Internet. With other words, it’s the part of the Internet, which we all use on a daily basis and is available by search and indexing engines and also called the public Internet. This part is only 0.03% of the total Internet.

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