Latest Trends (April 4, 2020) in Coronavirus

The current corona-pandemic trend around the world is positive. With other words, worldwide there are less new infections documented then four days ago. There are exceptions, like with Brazil, India and Russia, where yesterday a record number of new infections were documented. There are five countries clearly in recovery mode: China (maybe), Hong Kong, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan. The last ones (except China again) are the heroes. China is the criminal, from where everything started from.

Signs of worldwide recovery of the coronavirus

We are now 128 days in coronavirus crisis. And you know what? 125 Days of increasingly reported new infections, each day, none stop. This has changed. The peak was reached the third of April 2020 and from that day the number of newly infected people decreased. From the 21 monitored countries, only thee are still …

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Are we under a biological attack?

There are two main problems with the current global problem about the coronavirus. First, it’s the creation of the coronavirus itself and second it’s the transformation of an aggressive epidemic into a global devastating pandemic. Whoever or whatever is responsible for the birth of the coronavirus, is inflicting serious physical, psychological, economic and social harm on the world. The economic activity of the world is put on hold, in turn causing a huge dent on the local economy of many countries as well as in general, the global economy.
The virus was developed in the Wuhan Virology Lab from where it was carefully deployed or it came from the so called wet markets near that Wuhan Virology Lab and started to infect the Chinese population to infect 0.001% of the Chinese population. The Chinese government had deliberately censored information and hid the early warnings given by Dr. Li Wenliang, who was, in fact, reprimanded and initially punished by local authorities in China.


The Battle of the Coronavirus. Shall it conquer (edited)?

China is in he process of disintegrating, it’s falling apart. And I’m afraid that with its fall, it will drag the global trade and many industries with it, together with many other countries. At the 13th of March 2020, we will reach the millionth infected person and a week later two million, a couple of days later we have then the three till four million infected people with hundreds of thousands of death.

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