Absolute drop in trust in any form of authorities

The trust is gone! And it happens globally. While the world is suffering from the pandemic, humankind is suffering from the lies.

The Corona Guinea Pig Israel – a Case Study

Israel is at the moment the world champion of the vaccination programs in the world. It managed to vaccinate 52.16% of the population (4,634,427), and is currently reaching the (theoretical) part of 59% herd immunity ( 4,634,427 vaccinated people and with 633,991 people who were infected), they have 5,268,418 people immune, and so 59% of the population.

Whatever governments claim, the truth is opposite

Whatever the governments and the (medical) authorities say about the Corona pandemic in their countries, the real truth is the opposite. That is a good way to determine the truth by simply when the governments say it is bad, that means it is good.

Italy Infections and Active Cases from 23 February 2020 till 22 January 2021

Changes in Infections for eight countries!

There are some interesting trends between the US, UK, UAE, Italy, Israel, India, Germany and France, which brings the hope back for some indication that the vaccines are working (for some countries). Whatever is the case, see for yourself.

Corona campaign

The Vaccination Race 2021

The vaccination race is on, finally. And what a race it will be. Currently in the first place is Israel with 3,361,226 vaccinations, 63% of the (herd immunity part) population (38% of population) and the country will be finished at February 12, 2021. The second place is the UAE, 2,339,078 vaccinated, 40% of the (herd immunity part) population (25% of population) and the country will be finished at March 23, 2021. At number 4, we see Gibraltar, number 5 Seychelles, number 6 the UK and finally on number 7 the US.

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