Trust in media, scientists and governments is very low. Why?

There is no trust in the government, in the media, in the science, in the vaccinations. Confusion, panic, fear, devastation, economic hardship, unemployed, no future

Corona sniper

Where is the Flu?

Did anyone wonder where the flu is? To see an example in NYC, where the flu admissions in hospitals are “suddenly” strongly reduced. The numbers really are unbelievable. It looks like that the medical authorities like to replace the flu cases with corona cases. It is a trend very visible everywhere. And raw data does not lie!

The lies about corona statistics!

We’re being lied by the government all over the world. It reports an alarming increase of the number of Corona infections according their stated statistics. Those statistics are not what the real data is stating!

At the end … Trump wins the elections. This is now very likely! UPDATED!

The odds of President Trump actually winning the election in a landslide are the highest they’ve been since the election itself.

election, presidential, us

Global Ignorance and Stupidity to Astonishing Levels

The media decides who won the election. It’s Biden and nobody else, they claim. But the elections are still not finished … A story of madness and embarrassment.

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