Islamic History

The Consequences of Obama’s Foreign Policy

It’s clear that President Obama is the chief architect of his strategy and that he ignored the advice of knowledgeable people. It’s also clear to me that President Obama was and is assisted by an exceptional competent team of specialists, especially the military and the secret services, who could mostly handle the profoundly unrealistic objectives. Also it’s clear that the tireless efforts of his remarkable diplomatic team to try to implement his unrealistic policy is highly regarded for their efforts. Thanks to the efforts of those dedicated professionals, the White House is still in one peace and the US is safe … for now.

Palestinian Exodus in 1948

What happened when the Israeli state was created in 1948. Were the Palestinians forcefully removed from Israel or not? Here you can read the actual answer. At the end of the article you can read my conclusion. Palestinian refugees in 1947 Let’s start with some factual information. There is no discussion possible about those facts, …

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